Posted on 03/15/22

What Your Dream Vehicle Says About You

What Your Dream Vehicle Says About You

Your dream car may have evolved over your lifetime if you are like most people. The dream car of your 16-year old self may be different from the one you have now. This makes perfect sense. . . You are not the same person. However, no matter where you are in your life, has it ever occurred to you that your dream car might reveal something about you?

Many people believe that your dream car is a reflection of your personality. What is this saying? Which part of you is displayed by your dream car? It could be the tough and rough side. The extravagant person of style and substance? The rebel? The romantic? Or someone who is always faster than they are? Perhaps you still have the car of your youth, or it may be different. This guide will help you find your dream car, no matter what it is.

Ford F450

What if your dream vehicle isn't even a car? What if your dream car is a pickup truck? Make your truck a T.R.U.C.K. if you want to have dreams about it. Many truck owners believe that the bigger, better, more powerful, and more versatile, the better. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Ford F450 with dual rear wheels. The Ford F450 is an expensive dream car for the tough, independent person who values power, bravado, and a top speed over fuel economy. You can haul anything and everything across vast open spaces. It's better to be driving your truck through the mud and listening to your favorite music than stuck in traffic in cities. What is your dream car? It turns out it isn't a car. It's an F450.

German Cars of High Quality

Perhaps your dream car is too numerous to be named. You might be a person who values luxury, fine engineering, and a smooth driving. You might love German cars, and would happily settle for one of these beautiful cars. Volkswagens are fantastic vehicles that adhere to strict German engineering standards. But, this is not what you want. Mercedes Benz, Audi, and BMW are the four major high-end German companies. Porsche is not one of them. Any one of these four companies could answer the question "What's my dream car?" You enjoy driving faster than the speed limit, but you still want luxury. A big, powerful engine won't compromise the ride quality or interior amenities. You might be tempted to cut off your big toe to get your German-engineered car onto the Autobahn once. No speed limits, no problem. You can still enjoy your German car in America, regardless of whether you reach the Autobahn. . . Even with speed limits.

Dodge Charger

Speed is the goal of most dream cars. Dodge Chargers' main focus is on catching speeders. Most police departments across the country have switched from the reliable Crown Vic to the Supercharged HEMI engines and the stunning Dodge Charger body a few years ago. The Crown Vic couldn't keep up the speed of the top-of-the-line cars. The Dodge Charger is able to. The Dodge Charger could be your dream car. You believe in justice being the best, right and wrong. You could be the lawman, or you might think of yourself as the Dukes of Hazzard. These are rebels trying to find their way in an unpredictable world. You love the sound of the engine and speed. Your dream car and your attitude make a great match. . . There is a right and wrong way. The right should always win.

Aston Martin DB5

James Bond has owned many cars throughout his life, but Aston Martin is the one he drives the most. None of the 7 Aston Martins that James Bond drove are as iconic and well-known as the Aston Martin DB5. If the DB5 is your dream vehicle, you likely already know this and can relate to him as a romantic, if not a little dangerous, soul. Your Aston Martin DB5 tells you that you prefer your martinis ice cold and that you value maneuverability in your most prized automobiles. You are a master of taste and show it through your actions. You are like Mr. Bond, you are a man of many talents and many mysteries.

Alpha Romeo or Ferrari

If your dream car is an Alfa Romeo or a Ferrari then you know the Mille Miglia. These two car companies won 19 of the 24 races in the historic race, which took place between 1927-1957. The Mille Miglia, or "Thousand Miles", in English, was the most notorious open-road race of its time. It is still a legendary race event. The fastest drivers raced around narrow roads and curvy streets at dangerously fast speeds on the Italian mountain roads. The roundtrip race was completed in the fastest time possible, at 98.5 MPH, over 1,000 miles, in 10 hours, 7 mins, and 48 seconds. You can't go fast enough if your dream car is an Alfa Romeo or Ferrari vintage. You enjoy whizzing around tight curves and climbing up and down mountains, much like the racers of old. It doesn't matter how fast you go or how tight the switchbacks are, it won't be enough. You want to go faster, further, sharper, higher. You'll have to enjoy a joyride with your dream car for the moment.

Move Car- Ship Your Dream Car

You want your dream car to last as long as possible. You will need a secure and safe way to transport your vehicle from Point A to Point B, no matter if you are moving across the country or going on vacation in the Florida Keys. Car shipping is the best way to get your dream car back in top condition. You want to be able to trust the company you choose to ship your car.

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