Posted on 04/01/22

What You Need To Know About Towing Electric Car

What You Need To Know About Towing Electric Car

You may wonder if your electric vehicle can be towable. It doesn't matter if you want to have a plan in place in case your vehicle breaks down, or if you need to tow it long distances. You should know all the details. Although it is possible to tow an electric car, it cannot be pulled like a conventional combustion engine. The towing process can be complicated because electric cars have onboard electronics and motors. It is important that you know how to tow an electric car.

What are the reasons you might need to tow your electric vehicle?

Although EVs can be reliable vehicles, they are susceptible to occasional problems. You should be ready for anything. You might encounter a flat tire or a dead battery, problems with your brakes, or a defect in the vehicle's manufacturing process. If you are moving to another state, you may need to have your vehicle towed.

Get started with a charge

It is better to charge your car than have it tow. Towing your car to a charging station is not an option. Instead, ask the towing company if they have a charging truck that can deliver your car. If you have a dead battery, charging trucks may be an alternative to towing.

Towing an Electric Car

If a car is not properly towed, it can cause major damage, no matter how gas-powered or electric. If the vehicle isn't properly towed, it can cause serious damage to its tires, batteries, or sensors. Unlike gasoline-powered vehicles, EVs don't have a neutral drive, so wheel movement generates power for a battery that's not turned on. To eliminate wheel movement completely, you should always tow your electric vehicle on a flatbed truck to prevent any potential damage. In most cases, the wheels of an EV should be level with the ground. The car must not be moving unless it is being driven. To ensure that your EV is safely and securely loaded onto a flatbed, make sure you refer to the vehicle manual.

Your Electric Car Safely Transported

You should learn how to properly care for your electric vehicle. It is a large financial investment. You should also know how to tow your electric vehicle. It is a good idea to hire a professional auto shipping firm to transport your electric vehicle safely. This will protect your vehicle as well as your investment.