Posted on 09/02/22

What You Need To Know About Snowbirds Auto Transport

What You Need To Know About Snowbirds Auto Transport

Many people who retire in the northern states have a second home south to escape the winter storms. These "snowbirds" are often affectionately known as "snowbirds." They will need transportation to get from one place to another once they have settled in their new home. They could rent a car but it can be costly over a long time. Many people enjoy the safety and security of owning a vehicle. Many snowbirds don’t want to drive long distances and the stress that comes with it. Many choose to have their car delivered to their destination.

What are the advantages of auto transportation?

Safety: Retirees don't like driving hundreds of miles in winter. When roads are slippery from snow and ice, it can be dangerous to drive such a long distance. It can also be difficult to handle unexpected problems or breakdowns. It is safer to ship their vehicle.

Convenience Long distance driving can take up to several days depending on traffic delays or inclement weather. By having their car shipped, snowbirds can avoid delays and disruptions to travel. They can also avoid high mileage by using a transport company.

No Additional Travel Spending: Driving your own car may seem like a better deal. But when you consider the costs of fuel, food, and hotels, you'll soon realize how expensive it is. You can save money by using an auto transport company.

What services can auto transporters offer?

Once you've decided to ship your vehicle, you need to decide which transport service you prefer. These services are briefly described below:

Open Auto Transport This service is the most popular and widely used in the industry. Open carrier: The car will be transported with other vehicles. Although it is the most economical way to transport your car, it will still be exposed to the elements.

Enclosed auto transport: This method of transport offers extra protection for your vehicle as it is transported in an enclosed carrier that will protect it from the elements. This service is more expensive than open transport. This is a good option for antique or classic vehicles, exotic sports cars, and luxury vehicles.

Terminal to-Terminal Shipping: This method of shipping requires that you drop off your vehicle at a nearby terminal and then pick it up from the terminal near your destination. Although this method is cheaper than other options, it can be time-consuming if you don't have a terminal nearby.

Door to Door Shipping: This shipping option is the easiest because you don't need to pick up or take your car from a terminal. Instead, the car will be picked up at your home and delivered to your destination. This will usually be more costly than terminal-to-terminal shipping.

What is the cost of shipping your car?

Auto-shipping is not an affordable option. These are the factors that affect shipping costs:

  • Distance
  • Make and model of vehicle
  • Transport services
  • Vehicle condition
  • Localization

Calling several auto transport companies for a free quote is the best way to find out how much it will cost.

Here are some helpful tips for snowbirds

Make a booking in advance: The snowbird season can be very busy for auto transport companies, so it is advisable to make a reservation well in advance. To ensure that your vehicle is shipped on time, it is recommended to arrange shipping at least 2 weeks in advance.

Preparing your car for shipping: You will need to clean the exterior and interior of your car before you ship it. It is important to clean your car before you start the inspection process. You will be able to easily see any scratches or dings in a clean vehicle. Also, you will want to ensure that there is not more than 1/4 tank of gas left before shipping. You should also get rid of all personal items from the vehicle.