Posted on 10/27/22

What You Need To Know About PCS And POV Shipping

What You Need To Know About PCS And POV Shipping

Relocations by the military can disrupt your entire life. They uproot your family, your home, and everything else. It's stressful enough to move, so you don't want to be without a vehicle when you arrive at your new duty station.

Many PCS moves are long distance. There's a chance that you won't be able to drive the car yourself, or simply won't have time. If your destination is Hawaii or Alaska, they may take longer. Move Car, an auto transport specialist can help you meet your delivery target date once you have received your PCS orders.

When it comes to shipping such large quantities, timing is key. Our first tip for military moves is to plan ahead and get started early. It will be easier to have your car shipped on time if you plan ahead. This is not all you need to know about shipping your vehicle in the military. Continue reading for more information about PCSing with a car.

Shipping a car to the military is expensive

Moving can be costly. This is something everyone knows. If you are an active military member who is being relocated to fulfill PCS orders, the government will usually cover one vehicle move. This means that if your family needs to move their vehicle, they won't have any extra costs. Although additional vehicles are not usually covered by the government they can still be eligible for a military discount. To find out how much shipping your car will cost, read more and ask your vehicle shipping specialist for details about the military discount. Although you will still need to arrange your car shipment through a broker or moving company, the military will reimburse you for any costs. This guide will help you choose the best car shipping company.

The car shipping company does not work directly with the military. The vehicle owner must arrange for the shipment, and submit the quote to their government contact to get approval and reimbursement.

Preparing your POV shipment

Although military personnel has unique circumstances, shipping your vehicle is the same regardless. This checklist will help prepare your vehicle for shipment to your new station.

Make sure you clean your car from the inside out

Check for damage, dents and scratches

Take away valuable and personal possessions

Repair any mechanical or leaky problems

Reduce gas to a quarter tank

These steps will prepare your vehicle for shipping.

These are just a few of the requirements that you will need to follow when shipping your car. Move Car will need your military ID if you are an active military member.

Plan early

Planning a smooth move is crucial. Move Car can help you make it stress-free by helping you to plan your military relocation. It is best to arrange the shipment as early as possible. For the unforeseeable, it's always a good idea to allow a few days of buffer time. For an estimate of how long your car shipment will take, refer to our transit guide.

Arrange your shipment

Moving for any reason can be overwhelming and stressful. However, working with an auto transport broker may make it easier. Move Car can help you set up your shipment if you are PCSing. Professional auto-moving services can help you save time and money, while also giving you peace of mind that your POV will reach its destination safely.

Move Car is a top-rated auto transport company in the country, having moved nearly 200,000 vehicles by 2021. Our reliability and ability to move your vehicle, truck, SUV, or specialty vehicle speak volumes about our professionalism.  Call us to speak with a vehicle shipping agent, or visit our online store for an instant quote.