Posted on 09/05/22

What You Need To Know About Classic Car Auto Transport

What You Need To Know About Classic Car Auto Transport

For many owners, classic cars are a treasured possession. The unique cars can have sentimental and financial value as well as monetary value. It is crucial to choose the best way to transport your classic vehicle. It doesn't matter if you are moving, going to a show, or trying to sell your classic vehicle, it is important to find the right carrier who has the expertise and knowledge to safely ship your car.

How to choose an auto transport company for your classic car

You should have strong sentimental and financial investments in your classic vehicle. Not every auto transport company can do this. It is crucial to research the best auto transport company for classic cars. Here are some tips to help you choose an auto transport company.

  • Research is essential. You can read customer reviews and check with the Better Business Bureau. Also, make sure to verify the driving record and safety records of the company with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).
  • Compare rates and services. Look out for companies with drastically different prices than the rest. Sometimes, it is possible for a company to offer a lower price than the rest.
  • Verify that the company is licensed, registered, and insure.
  • You should ensure that they have the expertise and equipment necessary to ship a vintage car.

What services should you look for in car transport?

You want to find a company that offers these services when you book your classic car transport.

  • Recommendations from a reputable source: Before you load your valuable vehicle onto a carrier make sure they are familiar with the correct procedures to safely ship it. Ask museums, car restorers, and local car collectors for their recommendations.
  • Proof Of Insurance: You will want to ensure that your vehicle is insured while being transported.
  • Enclosed Transportation: While open carriers are more common for traditional vehicles, enclosed transport is safer for classic cars. Although it may cost more, enclosed transport will keep your classic car safe from the elements. This is the best way for your classic car to remain in perfect condition.
  • Door to Door Delivery: This option is convenient and safest. It will pick up your vehicle and deliver it right to you.
  • GPS Tracking Another great feature is GPS tracking. This allows you to track your vehicle's exact location and receive updates about delivery times.

How to prepare your classic car for shipment

There are steps to take once you have selected an auto transport company for your vintage car.

  • Inspect your car for any scratches, dents, or dings. Note any damage and take time-stamped photos. If you have to file a claim for damage, this will assist.
  • Give written instructions to the driver regarding any aspect of operating your classic car.
  • Your vehicle should not have more than half a tank of fuel. Make sure your battery is fully charged.
  • Take all personal belongings out of the vehicle.
  • Before you ship, make sure to read and comprehend all terms.