Posted on 12/26/22

What You Have To Do After Choosing A Car Shipping Company

What You Have To Do After Choosing A Car Shipping Company

Shipping your car to be shipped is a better option than driving your car to the destination. You need to choose the right company to transport your car. But, you also need to know what happens after delivery arrives at your destination. These are the steps that you need to take before and during shipping.

Know Your Customer

Do your research and find out all you can about the company that will transport your vehicle. Take, for example:

  • What additional costs will you have to pay?
  • What is the time frame for transport?
  • How does their time frame look?
  • What amount of lead time is required to schedule?
  • What is the meaning of the quote they gave you? Ask them to explain it!
  • Are you able to authorize another person to pick up your vehicle
  • What are the payment terms for the down payment and service fees?

Once you have hired your transport company, remember that shipping companies rarely can provide precise pickup and delivery times. Truckers can experience unexpected delays in traffic and mechanical breakdowns just like everyone else. It is important to communicate with your company and be patient so that you are aware of what is happening throughout the shipping process.

Next Inspect Your Car Before You Pick-Up

Before you leave your car to ship (or on the day it arrives), inspect it thoroughly before it is loaded onto the truck. Note any damage such as dents, paint chips, or cracks, and take photos. Verify that your vehicle is in good condition and take note of your mileage. Before you accept delivery of your vehicle, make sure to agree with your driver about a drop-off point.

Take the time to inspect your vehicle upon delivery. Don't forget to document it! )

Check your vehicle for damage during transit before it arrives at your destination. Turn on all doors and the windshield wipers. Sound the horn, and then turn on the audio and navigation system. Take a close-up photo of any damage, no matter how small. You can start the engine and drive your car around to check that it runs smoothly. Also, make sure to verify your mileage against what was written when the car was put on the truck.

Trust the Car Shipping Professionals

If you need to file a claim for damage due to shipping, your driver will provide you with a bill of lading. Don't be fooled by car shipping companies that promise too much and deliver less. Your vehicle is yours, so your shipping company must treat it with the same care and attention they would treat your own. Move Car offers this kind of service. Get a quote today by contacting