Posted on 06/13/22

What To Do When Your Car Is Submerged

What To Do When Your Car Is Submerged

North Carolina experienced intense flooding as a result of hurricanes. This has caused cars to be submerged in the water. Move Car will help you if you find yourself in this position. AAA recommends that you don't start your car if it has been submerged until a technician inspects and cleans the car. It is important to ensure that your vehicle can be safely operated. According to the National Weather Service, nearly half of all deaths due to floods occur in vehicles.

 What are the Mechanical Effects? 

Submersion of a vehicle under water can cause severe mechanical damage to parts. Flood water mixed with dirt can corrode upholstery and carpets. The most vulnerable parts of the vehicle to fail are the fuel, power steering, and electrical systems.

What is Exterior Aesthetic Damage?

Floods can cause water damage, including lines and watermarks, rusting, paint cracks, and nuts and bolts that can seize. Under the car, corrosion can lead to engine damage and corroded parts. To remove mud from car parts, make sure you inspect the underside of your car. You may also see rusty areas around the wheels or the dashboard.


Watermarks and spots on carpets, car seats, and upholstery can cause health problems. Mold can cause a strong or musty odor in your vehicle. You can either contact a professional like The Odor Doctors or use these techniques to get rid of the odors yourself. Sometimes, the damage to the carpet may be so severe that it is necessary to remove the carpets and install new ones. It is necessary to dry your vehicle and then deodorize it using an ingredient such as baking soda.

Resale Value
Before you get in your car, make sure to connect the battery and start the engine. Also, check the dashboard for warning signs that may have occurred prior to flooding. Before you sell your car, a mechanic should inspect it for safety. The airbag could malfunction and cause the seller to lose significant money. It is much less harmful than salt water if the car was submerged in fresh water. You can sell your car if the waterline is not created by debris and mud. Insurance companies will consider your car to be totaled if it rises above the dashboard. If the car isn't too damaged, you can still clean it up and rebuild it for resale.