Posted on 02/25/22

What To Anticipate When Shipping A Car

What To Anticipate When Shipping A Car

Move Car makes shipping a vehicle easy and simple. We have simplified vehicle transport to just 5 steps. Below, you can see what to expect during your shipment.
Before you start the actual car shipping process you should get a free estimate online. A quote for auto shipping will give you the best idea of how much your shipment will cost and how long it may take to ship your car. These quotes can be used to compare auto shippers so that you can select the best option for both price and time.
It is important that you don't automatically choose the lowest-priced company when choosing a car shipping company. Other factors to consider include transit time, online reputation, and other important information.
The transit time for your car shipment can vary depending on how many carriers they have. The cheapest pricing may also mean the longest transit time for your route.
Before you make a decision about which car shipping company to use for your transport, do some research online. Sites like Consumer Affairs And Go0ogle Also, check to see if there are any reviews and positive feedback from customers.
There are many ways to get a Move Car online offers a free quote You can also call us to speak with a pricing specialist.

Get your shipment booked

After you have received your quotes, you can book your shipment. This is something you should do as soon as possible. As a rule of thumb, it's better to book your shipment as soon as possible. You will find more carriers available the further you book.
Reputable auto transport companies will offer the ability to book online or by phone.
Regardless of which way you go, the following information will be required when you book your shipment:

  • Your car's make and model
  • Your desired shipping dates
  • Which additional shipping options do you want or not

After you have provided the details of the shipment, you can review the payment information for the company. You should remember that no reputable company will require you to pay the shipping costs upfront.
The ball will now start rolling for the transportation of the vehicle.

Carrier assigned

An auto transport company will assign your shipment to a carrier according to your preferred route and timeframe. Once a pickup is scheduled, most companies will send you an automatic update with the expected pickup and delivery dates.
After your carrier has been assigned, you can start to prepare your car for shipment. Although your pickup may be several weeks away, you should still make sure that your car runs properly. You might be charged additional fees for shipping an inoperable car to your destination. Or worse, you may have to cancel your shipment. This can be avoided by having your vehicle checked by a mechanic once you have a carrier assigned.
As you approach your pick-up date, remove any personal items and clean the vehicle. Take photos of the interior and exterior of your car with date stamps. These photos are to prove that your car did not have any pre-existing damage. Although it is rare, it is better to be thorough.

Vehicle picked up

Before you arrive, your pickup driver will arrange for you to meet at the pickup location. The pickup location is usually your home. In some cases, however, the driver may not be allowed to drive their car onto your street. You should let your driver know if your street is too narrow, or if there are local laws that prohibit your driver from driving on it.
After all that is done, your driver will arrive on the day of pickup. A thorough inspection will take place and the driver and pickup contact will sign the bill. After the vehicle is loaded onto the carrier, it's secured. The car will then be taken to the delivery address.

Vehicle delivered

The vehicle delivery process will be the same as the pickup. You will need to coordinate exact locations before the car can be dropped off.
The vehicle is offloaded after it has been delivered. A final inspection is performed to make sure that it arrived in the same condition as it was when it was picked up. To ensure that the inspection is accurate, you should inspect the vehicle yourself before you sign the bill. The driver is responsible for paying any balance owed.