Posted on 09/30/22

What Services Do Car Shipping Companies Provide

What Services Do Car Shipping Companies Provide

An auto shipping company is a reliable and safe way to transport your vehicle. They offer many services that will ensure your vehicle arrives at its destination safely. Auto shipping companies can provide the best services for your needs, whether you're shipping one vehicle or multiple vehicles or an antique or exotic vehicle. Let's look at what services they offer before you make a booking with an auto transport company.

Open Transport

There are two types of auto transport available: enclosed trailers and open. Open transport is the more affordable option. Your vehicle will be transported on an open trailer with other vehicles. This option is most popular and affordable for auto shipping. However, your vehicle will still be exposed to the elements. Reputable auto shipping companies will take all precautions to avoid any damage.

Enclosed Transportation

Because it protects your vehicle against the elements, an enclosed trailer is the best option for transporting your vehicle. Although it is more expensive than open transport for exotic or luxury vehicles, it is a great option.

Door-to-Door Transport

Two delivery options are available to transport your vehicle: door-to–door transport or terminal-to–terminal transport. Door-to-door delivery, as the name implies, allows your vehicle to be delivered right to your home. This is the best option but it is not always possible. If your neighborhood has tight streets or weight restrictions, an auto carrier might not be able to drive down your street. This service may not be available if you live far from the main highway.

Terminal to-Terminal Transport

You can drop your vehicle off at a terminal yard of some auto transport companies. The vehicle will then be shipped to its destination and picked up at the closest terminal. This service is usually a little cheaper than door to door and you can pick up your vehicle whenever it suits you. This is a great option if you have a terminal nearby and the carrier doesn’t charge terminal storage fees.