Posted on 02/18/22

What Prevents Cars From Falling Off An Auto Carrier During Shipping

What Prevents Cars From Falling Off An Auto Carrier During Shipping

Standard Auto Transport

Many people who are considering shipping their car fear that the car might fall from the vehicle during transportation. This is not possible if your driver follows the steps necessary to secure your car to the carrier before transport.
The driver must first safely drive the car onto its carrier. It is not difficult to drive the car or back it up a few feet. However, the wheels must be perfectly aligned with the loading ramp rollers (the treads). The driver will not be able properly to load the vehicle onto the carrier if this isn't the case. This is not a problem, as auto transporters are so familiar with this process that it's second nature to them.

The vehicles will then be attached to the carrier at four points. To secure the vehicle to its carrier, the driver will use a variety of straps and chains.

Most vehicles have precise tie-down holes built into their frames. To secure cars to their carriers, chains with hooks made specifically for these holes are tightly connected. Drivers are required to attach the angle of the chain to the trailer at a specific angle from their vehicle.

Luxury and Exotic Car Transport

Luxury and exotic car manufacturers don't modify the car or frame in any way. They use less intrusive methods. Instead, they use very strong straps that are attached to each tire and then strapped to the trailer. This method also prevents potential damage to the vehicle frame from occurring during shipping.

Both methods are extremely safe. The Auto Carriers have been (rarely) involved in an accident that resulted in an auto carrier being thrown over. In some cases, however, the vehicle was not damaged. This is how secure these cars are to their carrier.

Inoperable Vehicle Transport

It's a different story with inoperable vehicles. Although it is less common for someone to ship an inoperable vehicle, there are many other factors that go into making it.

A winch is required for any vehicle that is not in use. The winch attaches to your vehicle so that it can be pulled onto the carrier. Sometimes, you will need a forklift to get your car to the trailer close enough so that the winch can be attached.

Because of the extra work involved and the limited availability of winch-equipped carriers, these shipments of inoperable cars are more expensive than regular car shipping.