Posted on 11/02/21

What Is Top Load Transport

What Is Top Load Transport

You may be unfamiliar with some terms in the auto transport industry. Do you know what a Bill of Lading means? What is the first pick-up day? Top-load transport is another option that you might not be aware of. This is what you should ask for when you arrange classic car transport.

Top-load transport is a term that may be important depending on what type of car you ship. Even though you may not be able to understand all the terms in an industry, it would make you feel much better.

What is top-load transport exactly?

Understanding Top Load Transport

The term "top load" refers to the area on the truck in which your car is located. Your vehicle will be placed at the top or highest level of the truck if it is deemed to be top load. If you ask for top-load transport and pay a little more, your vehicle will be placed at the top level. This is a great location for classic car transport.

Other cars

Open car transport is the most popular type of transport. Your car will most likely be shipped along with other vehicles. Open transport is the most common way to deliver new vehicles to dealers. However, these vehicles are new. It is impossible to know the condition of other trucks, so it might not be the best place for your vehicle.

Fluids can leak from older vehicles. If the vehicle is directly above your car, fluids could leak onto your car. While this is not a problem for most people shipping their cars, it can cause damage to your car if fluids leak onto your car.

Road debris during classic car transport

You know the dangers of driving on the highway if you regularly travel there. Road debris includes dirt, rocks, tire treads, car parts. Road debris, especially from trucks and other vehicles, can sometimes fly under your tires and get in touch with your vehicle. Small dents and dings can be caused by flying rocks or dirt. Road debris can sometimes crack windshields, depending on how it hits them.

Flying road debris can be more dangerous if your vehicle is loaded on the bottom level. However, it is better to have your vehicle loaded on the top level.

You decide whether top-load transport is right for you when transporting your classic car. While road debris and leaking fluids are likely to occur, top-load transport does not guarantee that they won't. Top load adds extra protection to your vehicle and gives you more peace of mind.

You should consider shipping your vehicle via enclosed transport if you want full protection and more security. This will ensure that your vehicle is completely protected from the elements, and never comes into contact with rain, snow, or sunlight during transportation.