Posted on 06/28/22

What Is The Shipping Cost For Heavy Equipment

What Is The Shipping Cost For Heavy Equipment

Transporting heavy equipment requires your full attention. It can be complicated because of the size and shape these machines. The business may also be affected if the equipment is damaged during transport.

These risks are greatly reduced when you choose professional heavy cargo shipping services. All teams are fully insured and properly trained to handle heavy cargo and ensure safety wherever it goes.

Another question that might be asked is: How much does it cost? Move Car Auto Transport can help you clarify this question.

What Heavy Cargo Freight Shipping Services are Priced

Shipping heavy cargo freight rates can range from $1 per mile to $5 per mile. It's difficult to find a fixed price for heavy cargo freight shipping rates even on the website of a transport company. This is because even companies don’t know what it would cost to ship heavy equipment until they investigate further.

Because shipping prices can vary based on many factors, it can be difficult to determine whether you pay $1 per mile or $5 per mile.

Mai factors can have an impact on the rate.

  • Type, size, and shape of heavy equipment
  • When you must ship it
  • The address where it is being shipped
  • Shipping add-ons like door-to-door delivery
  • Special requirements, etc.

Rates can be affected by all of these factors. These average rates may not be applicable to you, even if the transport company displays them publicly. Move Car Auto Transport, for example, offers heavy-equipment shipping estimates. However, the true cost of your shipment greatly depends on all these factors.

How to Get the Best Rates

Here are some tips to help you ship heavy equipment without exceeding your budget

  • The Market Research - There are many shipping companies with different sizes and capabilities. You should research several companies to determine which one can meet your needs and will be trustworthy.
  • Compare the Free Estimates. Transport companies provide price estimates for potential clients on their shipments. These numbers can be changed depending on what additional services you choose, but they will give you an idea of the cost of a company's shipments. You can compare the estimates to find out which one is cheaper if you request them all.
  • You should choose the winter season - It is best to ship heavy equipment in the colder months. Many companies offer discounts that will help you cut your costs.
  • Reduce your use of "Special Services". Transport companies can provide a hassle-free method to transport heavy equipment. If you are trying to stick to a budget, it might be a good idea to cut back on the "shinier" parts of your contract in order to keep your costs as low as possible.

Move Car Auto Transport is Here to Help

Move Car Auto Transport is more than just a vehicle shipping company. We can also help with heavy equipment freight shipping!

Our services are reliable, and affordable, and have helped many business owners to get heavy equipment anywhere they needed it.

Get a better idea of the cost of heavy equipment freight by using our online tool. Call us now to learn more about our services.