Posted on 09/23/22

What Is The Cost To Ship A Car From Florida To California

What Is The Cost To Ship A Car From Florida To California

You might think about driving your car yourself if you are in an emergency situation. There are many things you should consider before you decide to drive your car across the country. This long trip will not only cause significant wear to your car but also will put a strain on your finances. Shipping your car can be cheaper and more convenient than buying gas and food. An auto transport company will ensure that your vehicle arrives safely and quickly at its destination, rather than you making the long trip. A reliable auto shipping company should be able to provide you with a quote for shipping your car from Florida or California. The cost of shipping your car from Florida to California will be affected by the following factors.

Car Size

Auto carriers are limited in space and capacity. The more powerful the car, the more it will be to transport. Compact cars and sedans will be more affordable than trucks and SUV's.

Car Weighing

Shipping costs can be affected by the weight of your vehicle. Transport guidelines set weight limits for carriers. A carrier that ships heavier cars may be able to ship fewer cars and charge more.

Location and Distance

As you might expect, the further away the location is the more expensive it will be. However, it is important to know where your pickup and drop-off locations are. The cost of shipping your vehicle between major cities via a well-traveled route will be lower than if it is being shipped to rural areas that are not frequently traveled by carriers. You can also affect the price by deciding whether you want door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal delivery. Although door-to-door delivery is more convenient than terminal-to-terminal shipping, it tends to be more costly.

Types of Carrier

You have two options when shipping your car: open or enclosed. Although enclosed transport offers greater protection for your car, it is more expensive than open transport. This is a good option for collectible, antique or luxury cars.

Seasonality and Flexibility

You can expect to pay more if you need expedited delivery. You can save money if you're flexible about your shipping dates. Price can also be affected by the time of year. Summer peak season is the most expensive. The cost of a trip can rise up to $200-$300. In the off-season, you can expect to receive more discounts and lower rates.

Shipping a car within the continental United States takes an average of $950 to $1200. While you can expect to pay around this amount, keep in mind that other factors may impact the final cost. It is best to compare prices and shop around. Be careful if the price is significantly higher than the others. This could indicate that the company might not be reliable or may add additional fees and charges. To find an affordable and reliable auto shipping company, make sure you read customer reviews.