Posted on 12/12/22

What Is The Actual Cost To Ship A Car

What Is The Actual Cost To Ship A Car

It can seem overwhelming to rely on a car shipping service to move your car. It doesn't have to be. It's easy to find a shipping company that is affordable once you understand the basics of shipping. Continue reading to learn how you can find a company that suits your needs.

What You Pay for

The same applies to any service where you are putting your valuable personal property in the care of what you pay is what you get. You'll get some low quotes if you receive bids from different carriers. We recommend that you get at least three bids.

Ask yourself if the bid of one company is lower than the average. Does it provide service? Are they qualified drivers to transport my vehicle from and to their place? Is the driver licensed and competent to take care of my vehicle? Lower prices may mean that they don't include the essential aspects of what you require. This is a tip: Do your research. The broker's fee will be added to your price, as well as the carrier's fees.

Some quotes may ask for the type of transport you require (open or close). Others will just give you the cheapest option and then add on extra expedited fees. Move Car screens all carriers before giving you a quote. This ensures that you only get the best carrier for your shipping needs.

Do not settle for the lowest quote - Get the best

It doesn't matter if you are shipping your car cross-state lines or internationally. Finding the right shipping company takes time and dedication. Do not waste your time learning more about each company. Instead, trust those with 5-star reviews and excellent service. Move Car provides pre-screened carriers to their customers (7,500). You will also receive a 30-day guarantee against damage. Get in touch today to find out why so many people trust Move Car with their vehicles!