Posted on 10/29/21

What Is Auto Transport

What Is Auto Transport

Transporting an auto involves many steps, planning, and people.

Auto transport companies, for example, offer open or enclosed auto carriers that can be used to ship automobiles to different destinations. These auto shipping companies can help you move your car.

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Transport companies for autos

There are many auto transport companies.

Move Car, an auto transportation management company works with thousands of insured and vetted car carriers to ensure your safety. Although smaller, local businesses may use smaller flatbed carriers or car haulers to transport your vehicle from Point A and B, delivery times can be longer.

Smaller car transporters will likely increase the cost of car shipping across the country. This is likely because they may not be able to execute long routes or have the resources necessary to complete your order in time.

Overall, it is better to ship with a larger company.

Auto transport

You are the first to take action. First, you will need to get a quote. For most companies, you can instantly get a price quote online and place your order. You can book online with us by visiting our online calculator.

Next, prepare your vehicle to ship. You might have to remove personal items, clean your vehicle, make sure the emergency brake works, and report any pre-existing damage or paperwork.

Open transport vs. enclosed transport

Open transport is the preferred method for most customers. However, a good vehicle shipping company should be able to offer all services. Open carriers are more common than any other type of carrier and can handle any kind of vehicle. Open shipping is a good option if the vehicle you are looking to ship is one that you drive every day.

Shipping a car by open shipping is almost always the most economical. You might feel better about shipping a classic vehicle if you have enclosed transportation.

How do you find reliable auto shippers?

You can check the registration of a car transport company through the Department of Transport's Federal Motor Carrier Administration. You should ensure that they have a current MC Docket number as well as a USDOT number.

Legal auto transport companies will always be capable of directing you to their six-digit Motor Carrier Docket number or seven-digit USDOT number. You should be able to find it on the company's website most of the time. Car transportation companies can't legally operate in the United States without a current registration.

It is important to pay close attention to the details when reviewing reviews of car transporter companies. The internet is a great place to look for details.

Websites such as TrustPilot, TransportReviews, and Google should be looked at. The best vehicle transport company will usually have a presence across all major review sites.

These quick tips will help you get started in your search for an auto shipper. You don't have to go far to book an auto shipper.

Five signs that a trustworthy auto transport company is reliable:

  1. They won't hide their online reviews
  2. There are many types of car transportation available.
  3. They offer advice on car transportation
  4. They don't undersell or oversell.
  5. They offer instant quotes

Auto shipper cost

Most (legit) auto transport companies are happy to provide a free quote. The quote should reflect your shipping requirements, your vehicle and the market.

A quote from the best auto transport companies will be based on many factors such as the make and model of the vehicle, its condition, distance, pickup and dropoff addresses, and the type of transport. Here are some good guidelines to help you decide whether to ship your vehicle.

  • It is important to obtain quotes from several shippers as prices can differ.
  • If the price you are quoted seems too good to be true, it probably is. Companies that offer a quote but don't ask for enough information should be avoided. Companies that are the cheapest often offer very low prices and then charge more for shipping.
  • To avoid surprises later, make sure that your quote includes your vehicle's distance and type of transport.
  • Don't send your payment via wire transfer. If you are asked for a wire transfer, car transporters may disappear and take your money. Once your order has been shipped, the best auto transport companies will charge you. You should be able to book an order online without receiving a bill.

Nutshell? You should not accept a quote that is too high. It's even worse if they give you a low quote.

Numbers and licensing requirements

U.S. auto transportation companies must be licensed and authorized by the FMCSA
Customers are not allowed to transport vehicles. According to the FMCA

"Companies operating commercial vehicles that transport passengers or cargo in interstate commerce need to register with the FMCSA. They must also have a USDOT number. Commercial intrastate hazardous material carriers that transport quantities that require a safety permit must also register for a USDOT number em>

The USDOT Number is a unique identifier that allows companies to be tracked and monitored during safety audits, compliance reviews, and inspections. The auto transport industry is well-regulated and monitored. Move Car's experts are available on Live chat to answer any questions you may have about whether it is a safe way to get your car to its destination.


Car transport companies that offer interstate car transportation must have adequate insurance to protect the vehicles being moved. While the answer to this question is "yes", you won't need to worry about it. Move Car's auto transportation calculator will show you that most companies include insurance costs in their quoted rates. The auto transport industry is well-regulated and monitored.

You might be wondering if it is safe to drive your car there.