Posted on 04/18/22

What Is A Bill Of Lading For Auto Shipment

What Is A Bill Of Lading For Auto Shipment

A bill of lading for shipping is a document that confirms the fact of transportation. This document is not something you can throw away. It is a contract between both the parties to the carriage. It guarantees both the delivery of quality services and compliance with obligations.

A vehicle bill of lading is a sign of a company's reliability. This is why you should only choose carriers that adhere to it. This one is provided by our company so that you can be certain that your vehicle will arrive in good condition and on time. We will explain what the car transportation bill of lading does for you.

Quality assurance: Auto transport invoice

Carrier bill of lading for auto carriers understands the extent of their responsibility. They are responsible for the vehicle throughout the delivery period and guarantee safe delivery.

Vehicle transportation bill of lading: possible claim

This allows you to prove that transportation occurred. You may be required to pay for repairs if the car is damaged. This will protect you from losing your money.

Refund of bill of lading to auto carriers

You can request a refund if the services were not rendered or provided in a satisfactory manner. In the absence of documentation, you are deprived of any rights as there is no evidence of the provision.

What bill of lading for car transport is used today?

The car transport bill of lading is a term that originated from shipping. It is now widely used for many types of freight transportation.

Transport companies use the auto transport bill of lading to indicate the transport goods, vehicle numbers, and other characteristics. The document is signed by the recipient upon receipt of the goods. Each party receives a copy to confirm delivery and ensure compliance with all obligations.

Shipping: What does the bill of lading mean?

This document is issued by the carrier. It allows you to identify the vehicle being shipped. This bill of lading is the same as any other shipping bill. It is important to note that the auto transport bill-of-lading form can only be signed after an inspection of your vehicle.


We will keep your nerves in check. We will keep you informed by email or phone about the progress of the transport process throughout the delivery period. We provide you with the number of the driver who will transport your car. You can contact the driver to find out where your car is at any moment.


You get insurance free of charge when you order services from us. This is a condition for cooperation with carriers and guarantees quality fulfillment of obligations. Are you still unsure? Get a consultation with real experts. Operators are available to offer comprehensive information support.