Posted on 10/17/22

What If My Vehicle Is Damaged During Shipping

What If My Vehicle Is Damaged During Shipping

Shipping your car safely is a good idea, but accidents can happen. What do you do if your car is damaged in transit? These are some things that you should know in order to be ready for anything during vehicle transport.

Get Insurance Advice Before Time

Do not wait for your vehicle to be totaled before you find out the type of car insurance that your carrier offers. Do your research and be prepared in advance. Auto transport companies must have valid insurance. They should be able and willing to provide this information upon request. You should find out the type of coverage that the company offers and whether it covers all damages or just certain items. Find out about restrictions and limitations regarding weather and "acts of God" (earthquakes flooding, tornadoes, etc.). Check with your auto insurance company to see if your vehicle is covered for transport. You may also need additional insurance. Before you transport your vehicle, make sure that all information regarding the insurance company and personal insurance is in writing.

Check Your Vehicle Right Now

It is important that you inspect your vehicle upon arrival. If you have done a pre-shipment inspection of your vehicle, make sure to check for any damage that might have occurred during shipping. Take a photograph of any damage immediately and compare it to the photos taken before. You should also document all damages in the Bill of Lading with the shipping representative. Be sure to include specifics. Notify the company representative or driver immediately and ensure they sign the inspection paperwork. Next, visit a mechanic for a quote on repairs or to declare the vehicle totaled. You will need to provide the mechanic's report and your insurance company with it.

A reputable auto transport company should accept responsibility for any damage to your vehicle and pay all associated costs. You can file a complaint with the Department of Transportation or the Better Business Bureau if you feel the company is not complying.