Posted on 10/17/22

What If My Mind Changes About Shipping My Vehicle Once I Have Scheduled The Pick Up

What If My Mind Changes About Shipping My Vehicle Once I Have Scheduled The Pick Up

It is an important decision to decide whether or not you want your vehicle shipped. You need to think about everything, from the cost of shipping to the risk of having your vehicle stolen by strangers while you are transporting it across the country. However, shipping your vehicle may be necessary at times. The good news is that most car shipping companies offer a cancellation policy. The cancellation policy for car shipping companies is similar to what you would find in retail stores.

You can cancel your booking with an auto transport company up to a point. Most times, the shipping company takes a few days before they find a carrier capable of transporting your vehicle. You will need to wait for your vehicle to be picked up by the carrier once they have found one. Most companies offer the ability to cancel your order until your vehicle arrives. However, each company has a different cancellation policy and may have different refund and fees. These are some things to remember when you cancel an auto shipment order.

Timing Is Everything

To cancel your order, you must not wait until the last minute. In these instances, your vehicle will be transported as normal. It is important that you cancel your order prior to your vehicle being shipped. Most car shipping companies will accept cancellations made in advance and may not charge cancellation fees. However, some companies might give you a time limit in which to cancel. It is best that you check with the shipping company to confirm their cancellation policy.

Policies and Cancellation Fees

Each auto transport company is unique so it's important to inquire about cancellation fees before you make your decision. Many companies do not charge cancellation fees and will refund deposits if canceled within a specified time. Reputable auto shipping companies will be open about their cancellation policies, and many times it is listed on their website.