Posted on 12/14/21

What Goes Into A Custom Auto Transporting Quote

What Goes Into A Custom Auto Transporting Quote

People seek services to ship cars because they are convenient. Transporting a car from one place to another can be tiring and time-consuming. You can save your energy by hiring an auto shipping company to transport your vehicle.

Shipping conveniences have a price. This is something everyone knows. Naturally, people who are looking to ship their car will be curious how much they'll have to spend. The bottom line is that car shipping costs can vary depending on many factors. You can shop for quotes more confidently by understanding the various elements of shipping quotes for cars.

Let's start by looking at the factors that affect how much it costs to ship a vehicle.

What factors will affect my car shipping quote?

The price of your vehicle shipping estimate will be affected by eight factors. Four factors directly affect the price of your vehicle shipping quote: Your vehicle's size, weight, condition, make/model, and height. The rest of your primary quotes factors are related to a car's pick up and delivery location, type of auto transport service, travel distance, and shipping season.

The vehicle's height can impact its status in its travel carrier. A car transport worker must arrange cars in a vehicle based on their sizes and, more specifically, their height. An example of a taller vehicle than the average SUV would be a sedan. This applies to the length of a vehicle. Because longer vehicles are more difficult to fit into a vehicle, auto transport companies will charge more. It is important to consider the vehicle's condition when transporting your vehicle. It will be more difficult to load and unload an inoperable vehicle. An inoperable vehicle can still be shipped, but you will pay more.

What will a vehicle pick-up and delivery location have on my quote?

We'll cover more details about pick-up and delivery locations later. We can only highlight the fact that shipping your vehicle to remote locations will be more expensive. Auto transport companies ship cars all across the country. Vehicle transport companies plan routes that will take you to areas where there is more demand. Common destinations for vehicle shipping include larger cities. A hauler will have to travel further if they request a remote location. The same logic applies to pick-up locations.

Distance is a factor that's comparable to pick-up or drop-off locations. The price per mile element is the most important in an auto transportation quote. Shipping routes that are longer will be more expensive per mile, but less overall.

How does the time of year affect my auto shipping quote?

Sometimes, it is easy to forget that the time of year can have an impact on your vehicle shipping quote. Winter transport will cost you more than summer. Winter can bring snow and ice, which can cause havoc on hauler's travel routes.

We also didn't forget to mention the importance of shipping methods as a key component of a quote for auto transport.

What do vehicle shipping methods have on my auto transport quote?

Open carrier transport and enclosed vehicle shipping are the two main types. Because it is the cheapest transport option, open carrier transport continues to be the most popular. Open carrier transport can expose your car to dirt and dust, which can adversely affect your car's condition. For optimal protection against the elements, enclosed auto transport completely covers your vehicle within a carrier.

If your vehicle will be traveling for a long time, it is a good idea to opt for enclosed car transport. Airfreight is the most costly form of auto shipping. Because of its speedy delivery and ability to offer full vehicle enclosure, this auto shipping service is very expensive. Airfreight shipping is often used to transport high-value vehicles such as rare or exotic vintage cars.

What do vehicle pick-up and drop-off affect my auto transport quote?

When hiring an auto transport company, door-to-door shipping can be the most convenient and expensive. An auto transport company will come to your home, load your vehicle onto the carrier and drop off your car at the designated spot. An alternative is to have your car driven to an auto service location where you can drop off and pick up your vehicle. These are also known as terminal-to-terminal shipping and port-to-port drop-off/pick-up methods in the auto transport industry.

People pay more for door-to-door shipping to maximize their auto shipping experience.

International shipping of a vehicle can open the door to additional shipping costs. When shipping a vehicle internationally, it's easy for people to get overwhelmed. So you can plan ahead, we will provide you with an overview of international shipping costs.

What fees can I expect when shipping a vehicle internationally?

When shipping your vehicle overseas, you have the option of either a shared container or an individual container. If you ship your vehicle in an individual container, it is likely that you are looking for complete protection. If you are in a hurry, you can opt to expedite shipping your vehicle overseas. The international travel route, pickup, and drop-off locations of a car are the same as domestic shipping elements. However, import taxes are different.

Import fees for international vehicles can vary from very low to very high, or anything in between. Drivers might be better off selling their car and purchasing a new vehicle in the destination country. Import fees can be very high. Move Car Auto Transport can provide information about all fees and documentation required to ship a vehicle internationally.

Airfreight is the best way to ship your vehicle overseas. However, unlike domestic shipping, it can be expensive and requires extra security.

How do you pick up your vehicle from an international shipping company?

For people who need to send a vehicle internationally, the ultra-convenient door-to-door shipping option is still an option. For those who want to save money on international shipping, port-to-port or terminal-to-terminal are good options. In many ways, international auto shipping is very similar to domestic shipping. There is a difference in the primary transportation method and dealings such as customs clearance.

We know that you are looking for numbers when getting quotes to ship a vehicle. Drivers looking for a quote on shipping a vehicle can use online auto transport calculators.

What are the benefits of online car shipping calculators?

Move Car Auto Transport provides an online calculator for car shipping on its homepage. A car shipping calculator can help you calculate your vehicle's delivery time, shipping costs, and curtailing fees. It is possible to break down the components of a car shipping estimate like we are now and determine where you can cut or curtail certain fees. Try to only pay what you actually need.

To get the best auto shipping quote, you can leverage your knowledge about each element. This knowledge could be used to determine the best season for shipping your vehicle. Keep in mind that the auto transport calculator's estimate only provides a rough estimate. An estimate that is only rough is better than none at all.

It can be overwhelming to search for an auto transport quote. There are so many options. We let our 11+ years of combined experience speak for themselves in the midst of all the noise in today’s market.

How can Move Car Auto Transport help me score a competitive shipping rate?

When shipping vehicles, we understand the importance of value. Move Car Auto Transport is committed to providing the best service at a reasonable price. No matter if you need to ship your vehicle across the country or internationally, we will be able to assist you in getting your vehicle there on time.

Move Car Auto Transport will support you every step of your shipping journey by:

  • We work with companies who share our company philosophy.
  • We will keep you informed with regular updates throughout the entire shipping process
  • Competitive pricing that doesn't compromise on service quality

Our company thrives on trust, expertise, transparency. The extensive experience of Move Car Auto Transport employees will keep you moving towards your shipping goals. Our team is equipped to handle any difficult situation. Move Car Auto Transport knows that transparency is a problem in the auto transport industry. We make sure you are always informed so that you can trust us to provide top-quality service at a fair price.

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