Posted on 10/20/22

What Do I Do If My Car Does Not Reach On Time

What Do I Do If My Car Does Not Reach On Time

The second most commonly asked question regarding car shipping is "How much will it cost?" Due to the nature and complexity of the auto transportation industry, it is almost impossible to predict pickup and delivery times. Any auto shipping company that claims they can provide such information is lying to you to get your business. There are many factors that affect the time it takes to ship a vehicle.


How far your vehicle is being transported will impact how long it takes. It is obvious that the further your vehicle travels, the longer it takes to get there. A few hundred miles may take only a few days, while a few thousand could take several weeks. Keep in mind, however, that multiple vehicles are being transported at the same time as yours. Therefore, the delivery may take longer if there are more stops made by the carrier.


Delivery times can also be affected by the location you ship the vehicle. It will usually be quicker to ship your vehicle to a major city than to rural or difficult-to-reach areas. By offering to meet your auto carrier at a more convenient location, you can reduce delivery times.


It is possible for the weather to be unpredictable. However, conditions like rain, snow, and ice along the driver's route may cause delays. These conditions could affect their trip, and delivery might be delayed.


Anyone who has traveled on interstates knows that traffic jams and construction are always possible and can cause delays in transport. These circumstances are not possible to prevent and could have an impact on the delivery date of your vehicle.

How to ensure your car arrives on time

Planning ahead is the best way to ensure your car arrives on time. It can take time to coordinate the pickup of your car so make sure to plan at least three weeks in advance. This allows you to adjust for road and weather conditions. You should also ensure that the auto transport company gives you the means to communicate with the driver. They will usually call you several hours before your drop-off time to inform you. However, this can be a great way for you to verify if your vehicle arrives later than you expected.