Posted on 06/27/22

What Causes Delays In Car Shipping

What Causes Delays In Car Shipping

You may be wondering, "Why is it taking so long to ship my car?" There are many factors that can cause delays in car shipping. While some of these factors are within your control and others are out of your hands, there are many other reasons.

If your car shipping is delayed, it means that your car is being shipped at a busy time of year. This includes summer and holiday seasons. These are the busiest times of year for car shipping companies. Delays are therefore more common.

This blog will discuss the most common causes of car shipping delays, and what you can do about them.

What happens if a car shipping delay occurs?

There are many reasons why car shipping delays can occur. The most common reason for car shipping delays is bad weather. This can cause delays in your shipment until roads are cleared and safe again. A common reason is mechanical problems that may occur with the carrier. For example, if they are in heavy traffic or are involved in an accident.

Truck breakdowns, other vehicle accidents, and even workers striking could all be possible causes. Your vehicle could also have been stopped at customs, if it requires approval from the local authorities to enter the country where it is headed.

Weather conditions

Shipping delays can be influenced by the current weather conditions. If you ship your car in winter, ice and snow can cause roads to become impassable. It can also lead to accidents. It can also cause delays when getting your car to its destination.

You can avoid delays caused by weather by shipping your car in the summer, as these months are more favorable. You should also keep an eye on the weather forecast to plan your shipment. If you are concerned about bad weather, delay your shipment to ensure that the conditions improve.

Traffic congestion

Traffic congestion is another reason that car shipping delays are common. Traffic congestion can also be caused by construction, accidents and bad weather.

Avoid delays caused by traffic congestion. Plan your shipment when traffic is usually lighter. Avoid shipping during peak hours or holidays when everyone is on the roads.

To ensure there are no delays, you can check the road conditions before you leave.

Customs delays

Another reason for delay is if your vehicle is being shipped internationally. A shipment can be held up by customs for inspections or paperwork issues.

You should ensure that all paperwork is correct before you ship to avoid delays in customs. Allow extra time for customs clearance.

If you ship your car to the United States, there are no customs delays. Most auto transport companies in the US can ship your car within one day.

Road construction

Another reason for car shipping delays is road construction. You should not schedule your shipment during construction. Impassable roads can cause delays.

Avoid delays by planning your shipment when roads are less crowded. Before you ship, be sure to consider construction and traffic updates.

Truck breakdowns

Truck breakdowns are one of the leading causes of delays in car shipping from sub-par auto transportation companies. Trucks that break down while transporting your vehicle will need to be towable to a repair shop. This could cause delays when your car reaches its destination.

To avoid problems, you should select a shipping company that has a strong reputation for safety and maintenance in their auto transport services. Ask about their policies regarding truck breakdowns.

Problems with the car's owner/carrier

Vehicle repairs are another common reason for delays in auto shipping. This will lead to delays if your vehicle needs to be fixed before shipping.

This will prevent you from having to ship your car without any mechanical issues. This will prevent any mechanical problems that could delay the shipping process. A shipping company that has a strong reputation for maintaining vehicles is also a good choice. This will reduce the chances of vehicle repairs causing delays.

Delivery of the car carrier late

A delay in delivery by the carrier is another common reason for car shipping delays. This can lead to significant delays if your shipment is already scheduled but arrives late by the vehicle carrier.

This can be avoided by asking about the expected arrival time of your auto shipping company prior to scheduling your shipment. Choose a car shipping company with reliable arrival times if possible.

Inadequacy of basic equipment

This can lead to delays if the shipping company does not have the right equipment to ship your vehicle. Before you schedule your auto transport service, make sure that your shipping company has the necessary equipment to ship your vehicle.

Also, inquire about the company’s policies regarding handling delays caused by equipment shortages.

Poor communication by the car shipping company

Poor communication by car transport companies can also lead to delays. This can lead to significant delays if you are not kept up-to-date on the status and progress of your shipment.

You can avoid this by choosing a reliable car transport broker or choosing a company that is responsive to customers. You should receive updates from the company about the shipment's status and be notified if delays occur.

Working with a reliable and experienced shipping company such as Auto Transport is the best way to avoid delays in car shipping. Professional help can ensure your car gets to its destination on time.

Tips to ensure smooth car shipping

These are just a few of the possible causes for car shipping delays. Here are some steps to make sure your shipment runs smoothly.

1. Plan your shipment well in advance

It is a good idea to plan your car shipping well in advance to avoid any unexpected delays. You will have more time to prepare and plan for your shipment.

2. Select the best time of year for shipping

We mentioned that traffic and weather can lead to delays. It is important to pick the right time to ship your vehicle. If you are shipping in the winter, for example, it is important to consider snow and ice. If you ship during the summer, heat and traffic will be important.

3. Select the best time to ship

You should consider when you ship, as well as the season. Shipping during rush hour or holidays will cause delays and more traffic. It is also a good idea to avoid shipping weekends, when most people are traveling.

4. Do your research before you go

As we have mentioned, it is important to find a reliable and trustworthy car shipping company. Research in advance to find the best company for you. Also, read reviews and comments from customers.

5. Consider an enclosed carrier

An enclosed carrier is a better option. An enclosed vehicle carrier offers more protection than an open carrier. This type of carrier is also more resistant to damage during transport.

6. Be prepared for delays

Even if you follow all these steps, there is always the possibility that your shipment may be delayed. Be prepared for any delays. If your car does not arrive on time, make sure you have a backup plan. You should also consider a company that provides insurance for any damage sustained during transit.

7. Keep in touch with your shipping company

It is essential that you stay in touch with your car shipping company to ensure smooth shipping. You should keep them informed about any delays or changes that may occur. You can avoid most of the common causes for car shipping delays by communicating well and cooperating!

Why you need an experienced car shipping company

There are many steps you can take to ensure that your car shipment goes smoothly and is on time. You can schedule your shipment well in advance, choose an enclosed carrier whenever possible, and hire a reliable, experienced car shipping company such as Move Car Auto Transport. These tips will ensure that you have a stress-free vehicle shipping experience every time.

Move Car Auto Transport is a well-respected company with many years of experience in car shipping. They can help you choose the best time to ship your vehicle, locate the most suitable carrier, and have your car shipped quickly.

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