Posted on 03/29/22

What Are The Various Options Available For Car Shipping

What Are The Various Options Available For Car Shipping

Why are there so many options?

You will find that there are many shipping options when you book your car shipment. These options include top-loading and enclosed shipping. There are also specialty options. Each option has its own advantages and purpose. You will pay a little more if you choose to ship using one of these options. All options are the same as upgraded shipping.

It is similar to shipping a regular package via first-class mail, but your shipping costs will be higher because you selected an upgraded shipping option. You should choose to ship your vehicle on an open-air carrier if you are trying to save money.

Shipment enclosed

If you ship your car on enclosed car shipping, it will have walls and a roof. Open-air car carriers are not equipped with roofs or walls. An enclosed carrier will protect your vehicle from inclement weather like rain and snow. A fully enclosed carrier will protect your vehicle from any small road debris, such as pebbles, that may kick up on the road and make contact with it. However, it is extremely unlikely that this will happen.

Enclosed carriers are often chosen by owners of luxury cars with high-end features. Because they are unable to drive the cars in rain or snow, they choose enclosed carriers for their protection. This can include Lamborghinis and Bentleys, but any car can be shipped using an enclosed carrier.


You can choose to top-load for an enclosed shipment or a standard open-air shipment. This is when your car will be placed on the top deck. An enclosed carrier may not allow this option. Some enclosed carriers only have one deck for cars.

Top-loading has the advantage that no cars will be directly above your vehicle. There is a small chance that fluid could leak from a vehicle that is directly below your car. Even though it is unlikely, top-loading can be done for an additional fee.

Shipping to specialties

Shipping specialty vehicles will cover many things. The most popular forms of specialty vehicle shipping include motorcycle shipping, inoperable vehicle shipping, and oversized vehicle shipment. Move Car is able to ship almost any vehicle. A boat, moped, recreational vehicle, trailer, and construction equipment can all be shipped with Move Car. You can always call your auto transporter to find out if the item is possible to ship.

Much like the other additional/non-traditional car shipping options such as enclosed shipping, specialty shipping will also cost a bit more. There are fewer vehicle carriers available and they can only transport one vehicle per shipment (if it's a flatbed carrier). The price will therefore be higher. It will definitely be worthwhile because of the time, stress, and cost involved in moving or driving a special vehicle long distances.


You can ship any vehicle you want by having multiple options for booking your car shipment. You will have more control over how your vehicle is shipped and can pay a little more for extra precautions. Top-loading and enclosed shipping can be compared to choosing to park your car at a fancy restaurant instead of in a regular parking lot. Although it is unlikely that you will need it, it will provide some peace of mind.