Posted on 09/14/22

What Are The Shipping Protocols For Alternative Fuel Automobiles Vs Standard Fuel Automobiles

What Are The Shipping Protocols For Alternative Fuel Automobiles Vs Standard Fuel Automobiles

It can be difficult to transport your vehicle around the country, especially for owners who own electric vehicles. Even though there are more charging stations available, it is still difficult to find an outlet to charge your vehicle while traveling long distances. Many owners find it difficult to ship an electric vehicle. Many people hire an auto transport company to transport their electric vehicles. While transporting an electric or hybrid vehicle is the same as transporting a regular fuel vehicle, there are special preparations needed to ensure that it arrives at its destination safely.

What is the Difference Between Shipping an Electric Car and a Gas Car?

The battery is what makes shipping electric vehicles different from standard fuel vehicles. The battery is the most important part of electric vehicles. They use heavier batteries to power their engines than standard fuel vehicles. An electric or hybrid vehicle can weigh more than a regular vehicle due to this. Electric vehicles can experience an increase in shipping costs due to this extra weight.

Electric and hybrid vehicles can be heavier than their counterparts, so shipping companies may need to take extra precautions, get special licensing and use different equipment to transport lithium-ion batteries safely.

What are the potential dangers of lithium-ion batteries?

Transporting lithium-ion battery batteries poses a number of serious dangers. This is why it is important to take specific precautions when transporting electric cars. Additional licensing and equipment are required in order to transport electric vehicles. The same way that laptops and computers with lithium-ion batteries can catch fire is what can happen to an electric vehicle if it overheats. It is important to ensure that the shipping company is certified to transport electric vehicles. There are also steps you can take to reduce this risk. The lithium-ion battery fires can cause damage to the vehicle and even explode. Although the likelihood of this happening is low, it's important that auto shipping companies take precautions to reduce this risk.

How do I prepare my electric car for shipment?

It is the same process as any other vehicle. These steps will ensure that your vehicle is ready to ship.

  • Clean the exterior and interior of the vehicle
  • Take the time to thoroughly inspect the vehicle. Note any dents or scratches. Photographs are a must for your records.
  • Take away any personal or valuable items.
  • Alarms and other systems should be disabled.
  • To avoid battery movement, ensure that the battery is securely secured.