Posted on 07/21/22

We Are Back To Snow

We Are Back To Snow

Your mood can be darkened by the cold weather and you may not feel like you are ready to get on the road for your daily commute. Wintertime can also be dangerous for your health due to shorter days and longer nights. Truck drivers who spend many days or weeks on the roads are more vulnerable than others.

Move Car Auto Transport customers are well aware that truckers must meet deadlines. This can make it difficult for them to find time to exercise and search for healthy foods. These tips can be used anywhere, cross-country or at work. These reliable tips will help you stay positive on the road and beat winter blues, just like our truckers.

Take in the sun

Your body produces less serotonin when there is less sunlight. This neurotransmitter is responsible for maintaining nerve cell function and mood. The production of melatonin is stimulated by darkness, which promotes sleepiness. A little sunshine can help you feel happier. Turn your face away from the slush while you are driving or digging out. Take a walk outside or brave the cold when it's sunny. The natural sunlight can lift your mood, increase your heart rate, and help you exercise.


It doesn't matter if you are shipping cargo, as cruising behind a desk takes up no more energy than driving the interstate. It's easy for people to lose motivation when it's cold outside. However, you can still incorporate a yoga or dumbbell workout into your daily routine. Even a short workout can boost endorphins and give you a natural lift that will keep you up.

These stress-reducers can boost your energy and calm you down at a snowstorm standstill or stoplight.

  1. Breathe in and pull your belly button towards your spine. Engage your abs. Take a deep breath in and contract your lower abdominals. Then, release.
  2. Keep your hands on the steering wheel between "10 and 2," and turn your back. This will stretch the area between your shoulder blades, and mid-back. Relax and take a deep breath.
  3. To tilt your right ear towards your right shoulder, raise your right ear. Take a few deep, relaxing breaths and relax your shoulders. The left side of the neck will be gently stretched. Turn your head so that you face forward. Then, turn your head to the opposite side.
  4. A stress ball is handy for activating muscles that become stiff and cold while you grip the wheel. You can reduce tension, increase blood circulation, and strengthen your wrist and hand muscles. A stress ball steering wheel cover is also available.

Winter is the best time to lose weight if you are looking for an intense workout. Winter is a great time to stay motivated and positive because your metabolism naturally increases to keep you warm.

Food rules

Healthy meals and high-energy snacks can keep you fuller for longer than quick energy boosts from junk food. Sugar is also linked to anxiety and depression. Combining lean protein with complex carbohydrates can make your meals more nutritious. Whole grains have a higher amount of vitamin B and tryptophan than other carbs. Both help to boost serotonin levels.

Water it down

Did you know that dehydration is one of the leading causes of fatigue in the day? Heating, heavy clothing, and extra movement are all contributing to more dehydration in winter.

Wear the blues (to kill)

Winter blues can be beaten by what you wear, not just its bite. Being uncomfortable only makes it worse. You can feel cold and uncomfortable sitting in an enclosed vehicle.

Comfortable base layers of fabric made from fabrics that wick moisture is best. They dry quickly and can be worn all year. When winter bundling, second, give yourself the things that make you feel beautiful, and not puffy. Positive thinking will make you happier. Even on the most difficult days, comfortable and colorful clothes can help you feel happy.

The Travel oasis

Brighten up your car and improve the quality of your time there. Choose cheerful seat covers and steering wheels, and decorate your dash with a favorite air freshener. Citrus energizes and alleviates stress while vanilla lifts your mood. One common feng-shui strategy to surround yourself with what you want to see in your life is a success, love, or inner peace.

Decorate your car, but don't forget your rear-view mirror! It's illegal! Use sensory stimuli to make you happy and inspired as you travel. Don't forget to turn on the radio and fill your car up with your favorite songs. Sing along!

A laugh every day

Laughter can stimulate the cardiovascular system, increasing alertness, memory, stress reduction, and depression relief. You can also load your MP3 player with music and CDs. You can practice telling jokes, or making up your own. It will keep you smiling and make it easier to share your stories with your family and friends when you get there.

Your favorite things

Smile and think of your favorite things. Winter Wonderland is a magical place where the sun shines on snow, ice skating, and hot chocolate. Truck drivers spend a lot of time far from their loved ones. They recommend spending time in the driver's chair to reflect on past experiences and share them with others. You can find happy thoughts by reading inspirational books and meditation.