Posted on 06/28/22

USA Auto Transport Quotes

USA Auto Transport Quotes

Requesting a quote from a professional transport company is the first step to planning how to transport your vehicle. A quote for auto transport is the total price a customer will pay to move their vehicle from one point to another.

You can get an auto transport quote to help you understand the services offered, set a budget and then book ahead to make sure your vehicle arrives at its destination on time.

We are here to provide you with an overview on USA auto transport quotes so that you can request a quote more confidently.

Auto transport quotations usually cover:

  • Transport of vehicles
  • Motorcycle shipping
  • Transport
  • Transport by golf cart
  • Transport by boat

There are many reasons why someone might hire an auto transport company for their vehicle transportation. These include: work relocation, buying a vehicle and having it shipped back to them, or shipping a vehicle to an event like a race or car show. If you need to transport a vehicle long distance, auto transport can prove to be a great asset. Many customers who move to a new home will transport their vehicle through an auto transport company. They then fly to the destination and schedule their arrival.

A professional company should accurately calculate an auto transport quote. Let's take a look at what factors can affect the cost of transporting your vehicle.

What Factors Influence Auto Transport Quotes

There are several factors that will affect the price of professional transport of your vehicle. These include the distance traveled, vehicle length and height, curb length and ground clearance, condition, and the type of shipping method chosen.

Longer distance routes will be cheaper, but longer distance routes will obviously cost more. Because employees spend more time driving vehicles, which results in more wear on the trucks and a higher fuel consumption, time is money in the automotive transport industry.

The shipping costs for your car will be lower the longer it is. Because an auto transport company may have more space to deliver additional vehicles, vehicles under 189 inches will be quoted a lower price. This applies to vehicle height. A tall vehicle can result in an expensive quote from an auto transport company because it will be more difficult to fit other vehicles.

Let's say you are curious about how vehicle ground clearance impacts the price quote from an auto transport company. Low ground clearance cars are more vulnerable to damage during shipping loading and unloading. Open-carrier shipping methods have the highest chance of undercarriage damage as the vehicle must be loaded onto the carrier via an inclined ramp. Low clearance vehicles can be loaded and unloaded using hydraulic ramps. Hydraulic ramps do all the heavy lifting and positioning of the vehicle for loading.

The condition of your car will affect the cost you pay to transport it. A non-running vehicle is much more difficult to transport. Open-carrier transport involves an employee of auto transport accelerating the vehicle up an inclined ramp in order to load it and secure it within the carrier. Let's suppose your vehicle can't run. You may be charged a non-running fee if your vehicle makes it difficult for the auto transport company to load, unload, and possibly reposition the vehicle.

Your choice of shipping method and service for transporting your vehicle can have a significant impact on the price you receive from an auto transport company.

What are the Different Types of Auto Transport Methods (Least Expensive to Most Expensive).

Open carrier transport will be the most affordable option if you are looking for a professional company to transport your vehicle on land. While enclosed auto transport is the most affordable option for land transporting your vehicle, air freight shipping will be the most expensive. Sea freight shipping is the most cost-effective shipping option for transporting vehicles overseas. Air freight shipping, however, is similar to land transport.

Because of the speedy delivery times, airfreight shipping is most expensive for vehicles that are being shipped by sea or air. Because your vehicle will be exposed during travel, open-carrier transport is cheaper than other options for transporting it by land. Vehicles that are exposed to the elements of nature during transport are more susceptible to damage during transit. Because enclosed auto shipping costs more than open-carrier shipping, this method protects your vehicle against potentially harmful elements like inclement weather and stray flying objects.

When you hire an auto transport company, there are two main delivery options that you can choose.

What are the Different Types Of Auto Transport Delivery Services (Least Expensive to Most Expensive).

Port-to-port and door-to-door delivery are the main delivery options that customers choose when shipping their cars. Port-to–port delivery is more expensive than door-to–door delivery because there is more work on the customer's side. Port-to-port delivery means that you will have to drop off your vehicle at the port where it is scheduled to depart, then pick it up at the port where it arrives, and then drive it to your destination. Door-to-door delivery is when an auto transport company picks up your vehicle from your home and delivers it to its destination port. The vehicle will then be driven to its new destination.

Port-to-port shipping can be frustrating, especially if your destination is further inland than the port it arrived in. Your needs and budget will play a major role in deciding which shipping option and delivery service works best for you. If you have the budget to pay for long-distance shipping, it is likely that you will want to spend more money to get door-to-door delivery. You may be able to deliver a high-value vehicle to Long Beach, California via a port-to port service if you are shipping it to Los Angeles for a car show.

Keep reading if you want to quickly get an auto transport quote.

What are Auto Transport Calculators?

It's possible to be afraid of getting an auto transport quote. You may imagine long lines, confusing terminology, and piles of paperwork. There is a way out. There is an easy solution.

It will help you to better understand the whole process by looking at some of the most common questions people ask when they are seeking quotes for auto transport.

What are the Most Common Questions People Ask when Getting Auto Transport Quotes?

Many people ask how to find a reputable and professional auto transport company. You should research the credentials of specific companies on the Better Business Bureau website to find out if they have a good reputation and have a lot of experience. You may be curious about the insurance and auto transportation. An auto transport company that is professional will have insurance.

Auto transport companies may only cover damaged parts of your vehicle, while others will cover the whole vehicle. To get the complete picture, make sure to ask about specific details of a moving company’s insurance policy.

Let's close by sharing some pro tips that you can use to get an auto transport quote.

What are some tips for auto transport quote pros?

When requesting quotes, try to not give your phone number to multiple auto transport companies. The auto transport company might view your provided information as permission to contact you again and again. Avoid working with auto transport companies who force you to call for a quote. The best companies will provide a quote and not require you to do all the legwork to get one.