Posted on 12/07/21

Understanding Your Pick Up Date

Understanding Your Pick Up Date

You want to know when your vehicle will be picked up. We understand how important this information is as we are the ones who will be transporting your car. It can be difficult to determine a pickup time and date when you call to schedule a shipment. It can take time to find the right trucker based on your needs and location.

Get Your Window Picked Up

There is an approximate pick up window of 1-5 days. Here's how it works.

1. We will let you know when your car is ready to be picked up.

Move Car refers to this date as "First Available Shipment Date". It is necessary to get your order moving.

2. We begin to search

Once we have established when your vehicle is available, we begin looking for truckers that fit your needs and are available on that date. We have access to a wide network of truckers and other carriers, as we own our trucks. Some locations and orders may take longer to assign a trucker. We ask that you allow us to give 1-5 days from the "First Available Shipping Date" so we can find the right trucker for your needs.

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3. The trucker is assigned

We email you when a trucker has been assigned to your vehicle (also called dispatched). The email will include an estimated pick up date and the trucker's number. Your phone number is also available to the trucker.

4. Day of Pick-up

The trucker who will pick up your shipment calls you at least two hours before the pickup date to inform you of their estimated arrival time to pick up your vehicle. This will allow you to be prepared for when they arrive. Once they arrive, they will inspect your vehicle and load it onto the truck.

You can calculate how long it will take for your vehicle to be delivered once it has been picked up by the trucker by looking at estimated transit times that are based on the mileage. Important to note that transit times do NOT include pickup windows.

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