Posted on 01/21/22

Understanding Rural Auto Shipping Services

Understanding Rural Auto Shipping Services

These services don't exist in rural areas. They are still an important part of the auto transportation industry. It's crucial to understand the basics of rural shipping. This is especially important if you are shipping to or from rural areas.

Understanding the differences between suburban and urban shipping is only possible if you understand auto transportation in general. There are many factors that can impact the cost of rural shipping services, including how carriers pick loads and how they make money.

We'll explain how to ship to and from rural areas with your vehicle.

Here's a brief overview of rural auto shipping companies

All things considered, rural transportation services operate in the same manner as suburban or urban shipping. The same type of vehicles that move cars out of larger cities is used to pick up and transport them. No matter where you are, the method of transportation will remain the same regardless.

Big cities may not allow large ten-car haulers. Local movers are employed to transport your vehicle to the truck. This is not an issue in rural areas, but it's the only difference.

Price and availability tend to be the biggest differences between suburban and urban shipping. For a variety of reasons, rural areas are less profitable than urban areas for shipping companies. They take them off of their existing routes. These routes are profitable and carriers don't want to take them off their established routes.

It costs more for carriers to ship to and from rural areas, as they have to increase their overhead. Because they must travel longer for one vehicle, fuel costs rise. There are also maintenance costs since big trucks need to be serviced based on how often they travel.

Shipping to and from rural areas is, therefore, more expensive than shipping to major cities.

What you can expect from rural auto shipping

Shipping to or from rural areas will result in an increase in the cost per mile. But, there is another thing that can happen that most people don't consider: longer wait times for dispatch.

Your vehicle will be dispatched when it is assigned to a carrier who will pick it up. It's still considered "available" until it happens. This means that carriers can view it on the national load boards.

Rural auto shipping tends to take longer than suburban and urban shipping. It has a lot to do with the price, which we discussed in the previous paragraph.

Even though the price is high enough to draw interest from carriers it doesn't necessarily mean they will take on the load. Rural shipping is often avoided by many carriers who simply refuse to ship to rural areas.

This reduces the number of potential carriers who could pick up your vehicle, which leads to longer wait times.

Rural shipping is more expensive and has a longer wait time. These issues are not common in every rural shipment, but they are more prevalent in rural areas than in urban or suburban areas.

Transport in rural areas: Potential problems

Other than the time and money issues, there are some other issues that rural shipping carriers might not want to face.

One, their truck could cause damage to other vehicles. If they have to deal on roads that aren't paved, which is more common in rural areas, this won't be as significant. The trailer can be damaged if gravel roads are used.

Another problem is that trucks may not be capable of handling the unpaved roads in rural areas. Modern trucks shouldn't have any issues with it. However, there are still many older trucks on the roads, which can be unable to get to certain pickup points.

Lack of easy access to the vehicle's location is another potential problem. This problem can occur no matter where you ship, but it can also be an issue with rural shipping.

Because there is so much open space, rural areas are easier for carriers to navigate. It can still be challenging, especially if you are in an obscure area. Because of the lack of accurate mapping software, it can be difficult to find the correct location in rural areas. Online maps such as Google Maps are more accurate in urban areas than they are for suburban ones.

It is possible to avoid most problems by being aware of the potential dangers. Keep your phone handy and be in contact with your driver to make yourself available. They will contact you to arrange a pickup time. Also, they will make sure that the locations are suitable for you both. Keep in touch with them and they will be able to appraise your needs.

There are ways to reduce problems with rural auto transport services

You can avoid potential problems with your shipment by simply moving your vehicle from a less popular area. If you live 50 miles from a major city, you can save money on fuel and Uber to get to your vehicle's delivery location.

This is how rural shipping issues are solved. It's possible to spend a lot of money on the problem and hope that the sheer power of green can help you move it. It doesn't always work every time. I know this because I've been in the industry for a long time.

A map is a great tool to help you find your way around. It's easy to see if there is a major city within an hour's drive or less.

This will solve both the time and money problems. time is money. Waiting for a carrier to arrive can be as costly as paying too much to move it.

It can also reduce the physical limitations of trucks. For example, many trucks can't handle gravel roads well. To get the best advice about how to handle rural freight, it is a good idea to consult a transportation specialist.

How we handle rural shipping services

Move Car takes a proactive approach to rural transportation services. We try to price rural shipments so that they are not far from the vehicle's location. We don't want to make you move your pickup.

Pricing is an active process. We consider how far a rural area is from major metropolitan areas and interstates. This is used to determine the extra costs to the carrier, and then match the price. That's at least the idea.

We understand that it is not always easy. If your vehicle isn’t moving when you need it, we will work with you to make it move. We will look for other pickup and delivery locations that are popular. To try and get carriers to accept it at a higher cost, we will take less money. We'll make less than you, but your overall price will not change.

We understand that rural shipments can be difficult. So we make it easier. It works great and most of the time it works. Sometimes it takes a little bit of time.

Move Car can ship your next vehicle!

We can help you ship your vehicle anywhere in the U.S. Our transportation experts can answer all your questions, provide a quote, and offer advice on how to handle your shipment.

We can help you find rural shipping, urban shipping, or anything else. Send us an online request for a quote or call us. Let us help you get your shipment started today.