Posted on 09/28/21

Types Of Trailers And Trucks Used For Shipping A Car

Types Of Trailers And Trucks Used For Shipping A Car

There are many different options for the types of trucks and trailers that can be used for transporting your vehicles. You probably won’t have thought about them. Thereby, we are gathering all those options here for you. It will also help you out in choosing the right car shipping trailer. For such purposes, we will be here explaining the differences between different options available so that you can easily make a better choice accordingly.

Moreover, at the end of this blog post we will also let you know about the best option or options for you.

It’s up to you to choose open carriers or enclosed carriers

Many of you might have been aware of the fact that usually there are two most common types that the user's request when they are shipping their car. If you have done that with Move Car, then you would have heard about open auto transport and enclosed auto transport. These options basically refer to that truck helping you out in moving your car. Usually when we think about a car carrier from some auto transport, we instantly imagine an open carrier. Whereas, the enclosed carrier basically refers to some shipping container that will keep your car inside it. Thereby, we call it safer because it will be a complete shield from harmful elements in the surroundings.

Moving forward, we will discuss both of the shipping options in a bit detailed manner.

Ship a car with open auto transport

What do you think of an open car carrier? It basically is such a carrier with no sides. However, there are several types of open car carriers but, what all they have in common is the vehicle that they carry is exposed to the environment fully. Nonetheless, a common practice in the auto transport industry is to use an open car carrier trailer. This option is not only safe but effective as well.

Furthermore, these open car carriers can even carry one to ten vehicles. You do not need to fret over because the drivers of such carriers are exceptionally trained and they even have complete knowledge about packing and strapping vehicles so that they can be extra safe on the road.

Ship a car with enclosed car transport