Posted on 07/29/22

Trucks For Hyperlooping Transport Out Of Equation

Trucks For Hyperlooping Transport Out Of Equation

Have you ever thought about how amazing it would be to teleport anywhere? "I'll teleport it, instead of driving back in such a mess. Shooop."

We know better than you to lie about not having thought of it. Teleportation has always been a desire of many people at some time in their lives. Teleportation is faster, easier, and allows you to bypass all the hassles of modern-day travel. What could be more? We haven't reached that point yet. It's possible to daydream about it all day, but we still need to get out of our cars and brave the traffic on the roads every day.

This ever-present problem is what prompted Elon Musk (co-founder of Tesla Motors, founder of SpaceX) to propose the hyperloop - a rapid transit system that transports people and vehicles between Los Angeles, California, and San Francisco in 35 minutes.


The Hyperloop could allow people to travel nearly 400 miles between two cities in 35 minutes. This is a trip that would normally take five and a quarter hours by car. It may even be possible to travel in a Hyperloop car! This could mean the end of vehicle transport! A tube that could make the trip almost 6x faster would mean that no one would want to transport their vehicle by truck. Auto transport by truck seems slow and inefficient compared to the Hyperloop. Musk claims that the Hyperloop will cost $20 for a single-way ticket.

How would that work?

The Hyperloop, according to Tesla Motors would be a low-pressure tube that transports pods at high and low speeds but subsonic. Musk suggests linking other cities at longer distances, such as New York City and Los Angeles, if the Los Angeles-San Francisco tube is successful. Although long-distance tubes will need to travel at a faster speed, Musk is certain that he will be able to figure it all out. The Hyperloop will be the fifth mode of transportation, after planes, trains, and boats.

Musk stated that mass transit options like California's "high-speed rail" don't solve the transportation problems we face. It should be safer, cheaper, and faster than other modes of mass transit, as well as more convenient and less disruptive for those who travel along it.

This is a very important point. Is there any other mode of transportation that fits into these criteria? We couldn't either. Musk predicts that Hyperloop will be ready and operational in 7-10 years. Musk stated, "I don't expect to make a lot of money from this, but it would be nice to see it become a reality."

Move like the Jetsons

Lockheed and Martin's auto-transporting drone, which Lockheed and Martin have proposed, could revolutionize the way we think about automobile transport. Although it was intended for military use, it could be used by consumers if it succeeds. The Transformer TX is the drone's name. It is currently being finalized and ready for the prototype phase. This idea could become a reality, however.

This idea was born out of DARPA's desire to purchase a military-ready flying vehicle. We are back to our daydreaming, this time about the Jetson's flying cars. At first, the design was a sedan-like vehicle that had a propeller attached to its top and wings similar to a plane. It evolved into an unmanned vehicle that could transport cars and other similar-sized objects. The drone would need to attach cargo or cars to it, but when the drone drops the cargo, the drone can simply land and drop it again. This is how you can see how convenient this would be for both the military and the general public.

This idea could change the face and function of public transport in just a few short years. Both of these inventions could end the auto transport industry, but we're still eager to see how they are produced. We can all agree that a Hyperloop, which could transport people and cars from LA/San Fran in 35 minutes, is not only convenient but also amazing. Anything that makes things better in our opinion is a good thing.