Posted on 02/09/22

Tricks That Will Help You Save On Your Car Shipping

Tricks That Will Help You Save On Your Car Shipping

Be aware of when you ship

The price you pay to ship your car depends on many factors. The most important factor is the date you ship your vehicle. As in any other industry, car shipping costs will rise as more people ship their cars and fewer carriers are available.

You will save money if your car is shipped during less busy times of the year. The peak season is usually from late spring to the end of the summer. If you are looking to save money and ship during less busy seasons, we recommend shipping in the fall or early spring.

Don't pay extra

There are many options for car shipping. Enclosed car shipping and top-loading are the most popular options. The enclosed car shipping option is different from regular car shipping in that cars are transported inside a trailer with a roof and walls. This is instead of being shipped in an open carrier, which provides no protection from weather conditions.

Top loading basically means that cars are placed on top of carriers. This prevents any fluid leakage from another vehicle from damaging your car.
It is important to realize that top loads and enclosed carriers are extremely unlikely to cause damage. You can save money on car shipping costs by avoiding these additional options, which are not necessary.

Book ahead

It will cost you if you make your car shipping company rush. More work is required when a car shipping company has to rush to find a carrier. Booking a carrier without much notice is more expensive. The price of your shipment will go up if you give less notice.

The earlier you book your shipment, you will save more. To save money, we recommend booking at least two months ahead.

Tips for shipping cars

There are some things you should know before you ship your car.

  • Check the gas level. When you ship your vehicle, it is important that your gas level does not exceed a quarter of a tank. This should be taken care of before the car carrier arrives to collect your car.
  • Clean your car - When you arrive to pick up your vehicle, your driver will inspect it visually. This will take longer if your car is not clean. Make sure your car is clean before you pick it up.
  • Check your tire pressure It is crucial that your vehicle be fully operational while being shipped. You should not have any deflated or flat tires. You should make sure you have your tires inflated before your driver arrives. If your vehicle is damaged in transit, you may be charged an inoperable vehicle charge.
  • Take all personal items. Car shipping insurance will not cover personal items left in your car if they get lost or damaged. Before the car ships, take everything out. Take all your jewelry, wallets, glasses, and other personal items out of the car before it ships.
  • Disable your alarm If your car alarm goes off while your car is being shipped, the driver will be forced to disable it manually. To avoid this, disable your car's alarm prior to shipping.


While saving money on your car shipping costs should not be your sole goal, it should be one. It is easy to save money on your shipping costs if you know what you're doing. It's as easy as avoiding extra options and booking early. Move Car is available seven days a week if you have any questions.