Posted on 06/09/22

Transporting A Car From The USA To Europe

Transporting A Car From The USA To Europe

Shipping a car from the U.S. into Europe requires many things. These include proper documentation and transport schedules to get you to the port. Do not ship your car internationally to any auto shipping company that is not certified by the Better Business Bureau.

Shipping Costs to Europe

It will be more difficult to ship a car from one country to another in Europe than it is to move between states. Shipping to Europe is more costly. A compact car will cost around $895, while a larger SUV or large vehicle will cost up to $2,000. Different transport companies will have different prices.

What paperwork do I need to ship my car?

Before you can ship your vehicle, there are some documents that you will need. You will need two copies of the notarized title, a declaration for dangerous goods form, and a shipper export declaration. You may need additional paperwork for different auto transport companies.

Are There Additional Expenses?

The replacement parts for a U.S.-made car that has been damaged or in need of repair may be more difficult to find and might cost you more. Non-operational vehicles may also be subject to additional fees. Port fees are approximately $200-300 dollars more. For shipping insurance, an additional 1.5% to 2.5% is added depending on the vehicle's worth. For a vehicle valued at $20,000., some auto transport companies will pay for the insurance. Others charge $300-$500.

How long will shipping my car take?

Shipping from New York City to Europe will generally take around 10 days. Shipping from Los Angeles to Europe can take up to 4 weeks. The ship must pass through the Panama Canal and then on to Europe. This makes the route more difficult.

Contact Move Car Auto Transport today if you need assistance shipping your car from the U.S.A to Europe. With years of experience, we can ship all kinds of vehicles, from classic cars to sports cars. We can ship your vehicle internationally, no matter if it is enclosed or open.