Posted on 06/29/22

Transportation Of Custom Race Car

Transportation Of Custom Race Car

Move Car Auto Transport has all the equipment necessary to transport any type of car, even custom-built race cars. Every week, we ship hundreds of Formula One, single-seater and kart racing, as well as sportscar racing, off-road racing vehicles, and dozens more.

No matter what type of race car you have, we guarantee to deliver your vehicle safely and on time. No matter if you are a car dealer, plan to ship your car before a competition or just purchased your custom race car, we have the solution.

Our carriers will pick up your race car and transport it securely to any track across the country. Our car shipping expertise is extensive and we are familiar with the nuances of custom race car shipping.

How we handle custom race car transportation

Two ways can you ship your custom-made race car. Either an enclosed or open vehicle transport can be used. There is a difference between them. The enclosed car transport offers greater protection against severe weather conditions and prying eyes.

  • Enclosed Auto Transport Service

Move Car Auto Transport is a great option if you need to transport valuable race cars between races. Protect your car from road debris, weather extremes, and other malicious people with enclosed car shipping You can be confident that your car will arrive on the track in perfect condition and ready to race with our enclosed auto transport service.

We can help you ship multiple cars or a single vehicle when your trailer is damaged. We can arrange pickup and delivery for your race car.

Your vehicle will be delivered within 24 hours of placing your order. Our logistics team will provide real-time updates so you can be sure that your custom racecar shipment is safe. We will ensure your vehicle arrives in perfect condition.

All shipping costs are included in the enclosed shipping quotations. Our carriers are fully insured. We understand that you need your vehicle to arrive on time. Therefore, we do our best to make sure we get it there within the stipulated time.

  • Open Car Transport

Open car transportation can be a cost-effective way to ship your car, especially if you don't have to worry about road debris, rock chips, or the elements. Open car transport involves shipping cars on an open trailer that can hold 4-10 custom race cars. The truck is approximately 16-24 feet in length and has no walls. However, special equipment can keep your vehicle safe on the ramps.

Open car transport is often viewed as unsafe. However, it is much safer than people believe and can be used for all kinds of cars. A1 Auto Transport has open car transport trailers that provide excellent car protection. Your vehicle will still be exposed to the elements but road debris can be diverted by beams or bars.

You don't have to worry about the mileage or wear of your race car. We will use every security measure possible to make sure your vehicles are safe during transit. Our logistics specialists can provide the details you need about the insurance coverage that we offer if you have concerns about the safety of your vehicle.

Have questions or need a custom race car shipping quote?

Move Car Auto Transport will transport your race car safely to the garages, race tracks, or dealerships. We are known for our high-quality car shipping services and value. Get in touch with us to find out more about our auto shipping or delivery services. For other services, you can request an auto shipping quotation.