Posted on 03/17/22

Transport Military Equipment

Transport Military Equipment

Move Car considers serving the Military an honor. We have the right qualities to handle this sensitive and challenging task. Military transport can be as difficult as the heavy machine transport that we do for the construction or agricultural industries. However, it is also heavier because of the immense responsibility for such specialized equipment.

Our extensive network of ports and points-of-service, both in the United States and abroad, allows us to travel any distance and deliver all types of cargo wherever it is needed.

Transporting Military Equipment

Transporting heavy equipment is difficult, regardless of whether it's an excavator or tractor. Military vehicles are often very heavy and can have unusual dimensions and shapes. Transport must be done in sensitive areas where only contractors with certification can access transportation or other civil tasks.

We are proud to be the company of choice for our nation's army when they need equipment transported. This is a field we have been doing for years. We have trailers and trucks that can carry heavy machinery and vehicles, as well as workers who are skilled in handling special cargo. There is also a network of routes and points where we can be of assistance.

Why choose Move Car?

We are professionals in every way. Our employees are regularly trained to adhere to strict protocols and best practices. We have developed a solid infrastructure over the years and are able to offer specialized and regular transport services as well as private and commercial transport.

We have connections to all major ports around the world and cover all of the US. We are able to safely transport cargo across borders.

Transportation Insurance

We understand how critical it is to be prepared for any situation when transporting valuable cargo or any other type of cargo. We have all documentation and certifications for equipment transporting for the military. We offer additional coverage for cargo and trips that are more vulnerable to risk.

What You Need to Know Before Booking Heavy Hauls

You should contact transport companies as soon as you have large equipment to transport. The earlier you contact transport companies, the better. Customers who book early will receive special pricing. This allows us to arrange everything around your transportation and not vice versa.

Move Car will provide you with a reliable, realistic estimate of when your cargo should arrive at its destination. If an unexpected circumstance delays your shipment, we will notify you immediately. You can also track the shipment's status through our tracking service. We are available to assist you if necessary.

Military Logistics

Special challenges are faced by military logistics because they often transport flammable or explosive materials, expensive equipment, and other highly specialized cargo.

We provide transport for the military in the following types:

  • Storage and transport of ammunition, weapons, and other equipment.
  • Transporting medical supplies, consumables, and emergency supplies.
  • Secure disposal operations that include military waste or items that must be disposed of.
  • The military staff requires regular products.

Each step in military transport must be carefully planned and considered. Communication should be open and transparent. Workers need to have experience and knowledge. We have all these qualities at Move Car and we have worked many times for the Military over the years.

Get a reliable quote

Move Car can provide a quote for special cargo. We will transport it quickly, at a reasonable price, and with the expertise of experts. We'll provide all details and manage the transport you require efficiently and on time.