Posted on 02/28/22

Top Stolen Vehicles Not What You Think

Top Stolen Vehicles Not What You Think

There are many things you should know, whether you're looking for a car this summer, just bought one or you already have one. To determine how many cars you can afford, you should consider safety and fuel efficiency. But what if there were something else? You need to know which cars are the most popular - this is especially important for car thieves.
The last thing you want to think about when buying a car is whether it is most attractive for thieves to steal into. Here are some of the most popular cars that car thieves have stolen.

The Honda Accord

According to reports, the Honda Accord was the most popular hot wheel. Strangely, 1996 was the most desired year by car crooks.

The Honda Civic

The Honda Civic was also in the mix. 1998 was the year. It might seem obvious that anti-theft technology is not as advanced on older vehicles. However, there were still a few thousand models and makes that made it onto the list.

It seems like there is a tug-of-war between tech manufacturers trying to keep up with the latest technology and car thieves looking for ways to crack the code. Hackers seem to have plenty of time and are determined to find new ways to hack into security systems, while technology manufacturers strive to improve security features.
Thieves are becoming more inventive in their attempts to steal your vehicle. Two men used technology to steal more than 100 vehicles. The pair escaped with the cars by using a laptop to reconfigure the security system.

It's not surprising that hacking into cars and security codes is easy in this day and age, where almost all children are born with a cell telephone in one hand and an IPad in the other. These youths can end up in serious trouble both with the law as well as with their vehicle if they have a bit of knowledge and too many hours to spare.
It is a sign of the current state of technology in autos that auto manufacturers have to hire their own hackers to spot potential problems. This makes it wonder if thieves could even steal older cars that don't have the technology.