Posted on 04/29/22

Top Destinations For Snowbirds

Top Destinations For Snowbirds

People who live in colder areas pack their bags and move south every winter. This is a common pattern that has earned them "snowbirds". Some of the most popular snowbird destinations can be found in Arizona and Florida.

These states are full of snowbirds, and who can blame them? They offer warm, year-round weather, great attractions, and, most importantly, not one day of shoveling snow or scraping ice from the windshield.

Snowbirds face many challenges when they need to transport their cars from their home to the "home away from home" during winter. Auto transport services can handle shipping their vehicle to Florida without any problems. Do you prefer the desert? You can also find auto transportation to and from Arizona.

Why are snowbirds choosing Florida as their destination? Some prefer to travel west to Arizona. These are the top two destinations for snowbirds. Read this article to find out more.

Florida: The Original Snowbird Destination

Florida became a popular snowbird destination after World War II when the middle class grew and more people were able to travel extensively in retirement. Northerners still pack their bags every October and November to travel to Florida, where they stay until April/May.

Florida is a state that has many reasons why people return to it every year. This state is unique, with 663 miles worth of beaches. These include famous spots like Clearwater Beach and Miami Beach, as well as lesser-known gems like Anna Maria Island and Pass-a-Grille Beach. Everyone has a favourite.

Beaches are just one part of the fun. Florida offers the following:

  • There are many seasonal rentals available  
  •  Professional and amateur sports
  • Winter weather is perfect with cool temperatures and very little rain
  • The finest collection of amusement parks around the globe
  •  There are many water-related outdoor activities like fishing, surfing, and canoeing.  
  • Restaurants that serve culinary delights from all over the globe
  • High-quality theater, art galleries, and museums

Florida's top cities for snowbirds include Bradenton and Bonita Springs as well as Hollywood, Key West, and Treasure Island.

Auto-shipping to Florida and Arizona

It can be difficult for snowbirds to drive all their vehicles from their home state to Florida and Arizona year after year. It can be a long trip. Along the way, they will have to pay for fuel and food. People who aren't interested in driving long distances are also at an advantage.

These problems can be solved by hiring an auto transport company. Move Car Auto Transport will transport your vehicle using the best equipment and professional expertise.

Professional transport can help reduce stress when you travel to popular snowbird destinations. This will make your winter start much easier and less stressful.

Arizona: The Appearing Snowbird Objectives

In the last few decades, Arizona has been a popular choice for snowbirds. It has always been a popular destination for Californians, but it also attracts snowbirds from all over the country. Many people come to Florida for the same reasons as they do to California: it offers warm weather that makes snowbirds forget about winter storms in Chicagoland and Michigan.

Arizona is similar to Florida in that it has little rain (or even no) and lots of museums, art festivals, great restaurants, and many sports options (both states offer spring training baseball). As more snowbirds move to Arizona and the permanent resident population increases, all these amenities have increased in Arizona.

  • Arizona is home to mountains like the snowcapped Humphrey's Peak
  •  Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most well-known parks in the world.  
  • You can hike and see the Sonoran Desert from a variety of viewpoints.
  •  Arizona's weather is much drier than Florida's. It also has very little humidity.  
  • Only a few hours drive from Las Vegas and Southern California is Southern California.

Arizona's top cities for snowbirds are Phoenix, Mesa, and Apache Junction.