Posted on 11/04/21

Top 5 Summer Car Care Tips

Top 5 Summer Car Care Tips

Summer is officially here with fireworks and fanfare. Extremely hot weather puts every part of your vehicle under extreme stress. Fluids decrease, components dry out, crack and corrode faster than in winter.

To keep you and your four-wheeled-best-friend cruising coolly through the summer months, here are our top five car care tips for hot weather.

Summer car care tip #1: Keep cool

Summer car care tips number one is to maintain your cooling system. It is made up of 50 to 70 percent ethylene glycol or propylene glycol, and water. It is pumped through an engine and out of a rubber hose to the radiator. The heat is then dispersed into the air using a fan and airflow and then cooled back into the engine.

If your system leaks, you need to immediately identify it. Extreme weather can cause cracks in the hoses and belts that connect to the system. If the radiator cap is not tightened enough, it maintains pressure and acts as a safety release. Important to remember that coolant is also used up more quickly in warm weather.

After your car has been parked for some time, make sure you check the coolant level under it every week. Coolant is often bright in color and smells sweet like syrup. Other warning signs include a temperature gauge rising in the red zone, steam, smoke, hissing underneath the hood and/or strong sweet or burned sugar smells.

You can check the coolant levels by inspecting the transparent, white container underneath your car's hood. Car Talk suggests that coolant levels should be checked if your engine is hot. If the engine is cold, it should be checked at the minimum or fill line.

Maintaining coolant levels is important, but it's also important to remember that coolant can lose effectiveness over time. It loses its ability to cool the radiator and prevent corrosion. It's important to have your system flushed and checked when the seasons change from winter to summer.

Summer car care tip #2 - Hard-working wipers

Even the most durable rubber will crack and become torn after winter months of snow and ice. In summer's unexpected downpours, ragged wiper blades can be a driver's nightmare. It is easy and cheap to replace your wiper blades yourself.

Like all fluids in your car, windshield cleaner will run out faster in the summer. Make sure to check your levels frequently. This is another simple task you can do yourself. Simply open the hood to locate the reservoir. It is usually located near the base.

Summer car care tip #3 - Bet on belts

The engine belts are vital to vehicle functions. It is important that you keep your eyes and ears open for them. Depending on the type of car, belts should be replaced every other month. However, extreme heat can cause them to become loose, misaligned, or worn out.

Check the belts visually for any missing pieces, cracks, or embedded debris. This indicates oil, wear, or damage to the belt.

By simply looking out for signs, you can avoid costly repairs and make your summer cruises more enjoyable. Belt problems can be identified by a burning rubber smell, squeaking, or chirping when you accelerate or chirp at low speeds.

Summer car care tip #4 - Triple tread

What are our two cents on tires? One penny for your thoughts, one penny for your treads.

Check your tires every month for wear, air, and spare.

Tires that are worn out can be dangerous, especially during the summer when they are more susceptible to leaking, slipping on wet roads, and succumbing to sharp objects. It's simple to check your tire tread with Lincoln's head. Simply insert a penny upside-down into the groove. If the tread does not cover Lincoln's head, then it's time to get new tires. Rotating your tires every 6,000 miles helps prevent uneven tire wear. Tire wear can be caused by cracks, cuts, and bulges in your sidewall.

For safety and fuel economy, checking your tire pressure in summer is important. The recommended PSI (pounds/square inch) for a car is found on the driver's side doorjamb. A small personal pressure gauge can also be purchased at any auto shop for about five dollars.

Remember that there are five tries. Don't forget the spare.

Summer car care tip #5 - Coolness kit

You can keep your car and ride cool throughout the summer with a summer car-care kit. Sunshade and a plastic or cardboard screen that completely covers your windshield will prevent the sun from heating your car's interior.

In case your car or passengers heat up, it's a good idea for you to keep a gallon of water in your car. You can also keep your summer cool with sunscreen, antihistamine, towels, and wipes.

Finally, Fix-a-Flat is a can of emergency foam that can temporarily fix a flat tire. This can be a lifesaver on long road trips or for kids who need to escape the heat.

Happy Summer!

You can check your oil and make sure it is changing regularly. Also, you should test your battery life and make sure that your air conditioner is working properly.

These summer car care tips will help you cruise coolly on every sun-soaked mile.