Posted on 04/29/22

Top 3 Reasons Why People Transport Cars From Texas To California

Top 3 Reasons Why People Transport Cars From Texas To California

People in Texas expect to meet Californians more often than ever before. California license plates are now as common as Dallas Cowboys stickers on the back windshield and Lone Star State flags.

Maybe not so common. The migration of people from California into Texas is noteworthy. Texas is experiencing a "moment," said researchers from Rice University's Kinder Institute for Urban Research. They also reported that 95,000 people moved from California to Texas in 2018, and 2019 respectively.

Companies such as Oracle and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, CBRE and Charles Schwab recently relocated from California to Texas.

This is a new trend. Moving from Los Angeles to Dallas or from Dallas Los Angeles to make the move easier and more efficient is possible by hiring car transport services.

Why use car shipping between California and Texas?

There are many theories as to why people move from California and Texas. These include political, cultural, and environmental reasons. However, most reasons are found in the following areas according to research done by academic and government agencies and news media.

Change your job

Texas has seen a significant increase in jobs, beyond company relocations. This includes Toyota moving its North American headquarters from Dallas to Texas. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Texas added 649,200 new jobs in 2021. The state has attracted many skilled professionals and entrepreneurs looking to stretch their dollars further, in addition to companies moving to the Lone Star State.

Living costs are high

California living is becoming more expensive than ever, especially in the real estate market. According to the Kinder Institute, Californians moved to Texas approximately two years after rising home prices. They've increased a lot since 2011 when the median home price for a single-family home rose from $300,000.00 to nearly $600,000.000 by 2019.

Texas has a lower cost of living. The median home price in Texas is $247,210. According to numbers from Motley Fool. According to them, California's current price is $683,000.

High taxes are another problem. California's state income tax rate is 8.4% for people earning between $48,436 to $61,214. The rate rises to 9.3 per cent for those earning between $61,215 and more than $300,000. Texas has no income tax. It's simple math.

Going back to California

It is often not reported that many people move every year from Texas to California. According to the Kinder Institute, there has been a steady increase in migration from Texas to California each year. This number is usually between 35,000 and 40,000 each year. They include people who have moved to Texas but are now returning to California.

It's not hard to see why people are moving between the states in both directions. No matter where you're going, hiring a car transportation service can make your move easier and save you the trouble of driving halfway across the country.