Posted on 02/05/21

Top 10 Things To Know About Open Car Transport

Top 10 Things To Know About Open Car Transport

While most of the companies offering car shipping services in the US provide their clients with multiple car shipping methods. The most used and appreciated method by both the companies and the customers is open car transport type. Even Move Car auto transport generates a larger chunk of its sales. There are various reasons behind this fact. We decided to help you get more know-how regarding open car shipping and how Move Car auto transport offers better open vehicle transport services than its competitors by gathering some really valuable details. We hope these details will help you a lot in the future while choosing the auto transport method for the shipping of your car. Further details are given below:

Affordable Solution:

Open car transport is a lot more economical than an enclosed one, it can be at least by 25% at a minimum. The reason behind this low cost is that auto transport companies including Move Car need fewer arrangements when it comes to open car transport as compared to enclosed car shipping. Additionally, the open vehicle transport carriers are typically larger as compared to enclosed ones.

Used Frequently By Car Manufacturers:

Did you know that mostly 96% of newly manufactured cars are transported through open car transport? The majority of car manufacturers manufacturing and assembling cars in the US use open car transport to move these vehicles internally and deliver them to dealerships. Look around the next time you are on the road, and you will see the shiny brand-new Teslas are also transported on an open car transport trailer.

Move Luggage with Open Car Transport: 

You can add luggage to your trunk when shipping your car through an open car transport carrier. This makes it easier for you if you are relocating from one place to another or simple getting admission to a college and want your car and essential stuff there.

A Large Number of Carriers Available:

Did you know 90% of the car haulers are driving open car transport trailers? So you have a better chance of having your car picked up and dropped off in a quick time as compared to other transport methods. Even Move Car has around 80% of its vehicle transport carriers used for open car shipping methods.

Lesser Loading and Unloading:

Many times the same truck that picks up your car is the same truck that will deliver your car in an open car transport method. This will reduce the risk of damage considerably.

Added Care by the Operator:

Most of the open car transporters are owners and operators of vehicle transport carriers. This means you are giving business to a small business owner who will treat your car like their own.

Safety Compliance is Essential for Open Auto Transport: 

All open car transporters are required to have an FMCSA license and insurance giving you that extra protection through the government.

Transporting Any type of Vehicle:

Open car transport can ship any customer vehicle, even the larger ones like heavy-duty SUVs, 4x4 trucks, tractors, and even inoperable cars.

A wide Diversity in Terms of Size:

It should be noted that open car transport trucks vary from a 2 car hauler to a 9 car hauler. So if you own a dealership and plan to ship a larger number of vehicles that can go as max as 9 vehicles simultaneously, then the most suitable auto transport type for you is the open car transport method. Additionally, the families who are relocating from one place to another and own vehicles that range from a daily usage hatchback to a heavy-duty SUV like Cadillac Escalade then their best bet for auto shipping is choosing the open car transport method.

Move Car Auto Transport is a Leader: 

Lastly, is the leader of the pack when it comes to shipping cars and a wide variety of vehicles through the open transport method, and it should be your preferred choice to ship a car across the country through an open car transport trailer. We are experienced enough to make the quickest and safest delivery of your vehicles to various parts across the states possible at an affordable price. Always choose Move Car for Open car transport and other types of car shipping because we don’t take it as a business!