Posted on 08/30/22

Top 10 Common Myths In Car Shipping

Top 10 Common Myths In Car Shipping

Car shipping isn't something most people do every day. Many people who are looking for this service for the first time have little to no knowledge about the industry. There are many myths about the auto transport industry, which can make it difficult for people to know what is true. Many people are interested in auto shipping but have a hard time understanding the common myths. We will be addressing some of the most popular myths about car shipping.

1. Shipping a car is more expensive than driving it yourself.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions, and the main reason people hesitate to ship their cars. You can end up paying more to transport your car across the country if you do not have the means. It is easy to forget about the cost of gas, hotels, and food for multi-day trips. It also means that you will have to leave work in order to drive your car so far. It can also cause additional wear to your vehicle, which could lead to your car needing service sooner than you expected.

2. Shipping cars is dangerous.

It may sound risky to ship your vehicle, but it isn't. Every year, thousands of vehicles are safely shipped across the country. Reputable car transport companies will take extra measures to ensure that your vehicle arrives at its destination safely. Although vehicle damage is very rare, many auto transport companies offer shipping insurance that will protect your vehicle in case of damage. Car shipping is safer than driving your car so far.

3. Shipping a car takes more time than driving.

It can take several days to travel thousands of miles across the United States if you plan to drive. Auto-shipping is safer and faster than traditional shipping. If you need your vehicle faster, many transport companies offer expedited shipping options.

4. Distance is the only factor that determines the cost of shipping a car.

Although the distance is definitely a factor in shipping costs, it is not the only factor. Shipping costs can be affected by many factors, including the vehicle's size and condition, access to the delivery destination, type and availability of carriers (open or enclosed), delivery dates, and the time of year. The exact cost of shipping your car is dependent on many factors.

5. Only open trailers are allowed to transport your car.

Many people believe that this is the only option, as it is quite common to see open trailers carrying vehicles on the highway. This is the most common option, but it is not the only one. If you need additional protection for your vehicle, you can request an enclosed trailer. Enclosed trailers are the best option for classic, antique, and luxury cars.

6. It can be difficult to find an auto transport company that you can trust.

Scammers are out there, just like any other business, looking to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. There are many legitimate car shipping companies. You can check reviews, the Better Business Bureau, and the history of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to identify a reliable company.

7. The lowest price is the best.

While it's natural to want to feel that you are getting the best deal, the lowest price can be a red flag for auto shipping companies. Some companies use bait-and-switch tactics to lure customers. They offer low prices upfront, then demand that you pay much more once your vehicle is in your possession. A company that offers a significantly lower price than the rest could indicate that there is something wrong.

8. Inoperable vehicles cannot be shipped.

It is possible to ship an inoperable car, even though it will cost more. It is possible to ship a car that cannot run on its own to a company that has the equipment necessary to unload and load it. This service requires a special hauler and some additional labor. Not all companies offer it. However, companies do have the equipment and can safely ship an inoperable vehicle.

9. It can be difficult to prepare your vehicle for shipping.

It is much simpler than you think to prepare your vehicle for shipping. These are the steps you need to take to make sure your vehicle is ready for shipping.

  • Make sure to clean the exterior and interior of your car.
  • To avoid any problems, take photos of the vehicle before you ship it.
  • Take all personal items out of your vehicle
  • You should not leave more than 1/4 tank of gas in your car.
  • Before shipping, take care of any maintenance such as tire rotation and oil change.

10. All car shipping companies work the same.

It is not as easy as choosing the first transport company that you find. Not all car shipping companies offer the same services. There are many options available, including door-to-door delivery, inoperable vehicle shipping, enclosed transport, and different delivery times. You should also check out the reviews for each company as some companies may have a better reputation. Every company offers a different set of services and customer service, so make sure you choose one you are comfortable with.