Posted on 11/17/21

Tips For Transporting A Car To Another City Or State

Tips For Transporting A Car To Another City Or State

There are many tasks to be done when you move across state lines. You need to know how to move your car from one state to the next. These car-moving tips will help you make the right choice and ensure that your vehicle is transported by an experienced company.

Before you move your car to another state or city, clean it.

Before you pick up your car from the car transport company, wash it and take photos from every angle. Keep a log of any damage to your car. This will be noted on the inspection report by the auto mover. The auto mover will not be held liable for past damages. This will be stated in the terms and conditions.

Take all personal items out of the car

It is important to remove all personal items and any removable parts from your car when you clean it for transportation. We mean everything. This includes personal items as well as any removable parts. It is against the law to include personal belongings in your car. Car moving companies are not licensed to transport household items so most won't allow personal belongings to be left in the car.

All loose parts must be secured

You should thoroughly inspect your vehicle. Make sure all parts have been removed or locked properly. It takes time and a lot of movement to transport a car across the ocean or across the country. You can make your car move more secure by locking it up and removing any loose parts, such as spoilers or fog lights, mirrors (folded back), antennas, etc. Make sure to lock all loose parts and close the windows.

Disable car alarm

People can easily forget to turn off their car alarm system because they have become accustomed to it being on even when they aren't using the car. When you are prepping your car to be shipped across the ocean, it is essential that the alarm system is completely disconnected. It is possible for car shipping companies to disable your alarm system if you forget to turn it off or leave it on for any reason. It will cause disturbance to the driver and others if it is being transported by plane or cargo ship. The alarm will keep going until your battery runs out.

Don't fill your tank up with gas

You don't need to top it up, but you should have at least 1/4 tank of fuel. This will reduce the car's weight which is appreciated by auto shipping companies. You will also need gas to fuel the car carrier and yourself for pick-up.

Bonus pro tips

Fully charged car battery and inflated tires

Make sure to have all fluids refilled and notify the car shipping company if there are any leaks. The leakage of fluids in your car, such as oil, brake fluid, or transmission fluid, should be addressed immediately. Leakage can damage the vehicle and other vehicles being transported.

If your shipping convertible

Secure the top by closing it properly. To prevent moisture or air damage, seal any openings or holes.

Vehicle inspection report

You will be able to save a lot of time and headaches if you have an accident. The only proof you have of the car's condition before it is picked up is your vehicle report. While the car carrier will inspect your vehicle before you pick it up, you should do one yourself. Make sure you have a detailed vehicle report before signing the Bill of Lading

If you have to file a claim, taking photos of the car will help support your vehicle inspection report. You and the driver of the car shipping company must sign a copy of the vehicle report before shipping a car. Ask the car carrier for clarification if there are any clauses in the inspection report that you don't get.