Posted on 04/26/22

Tips For Shipping A Company Vehicle

Tips For Shipping A Company Vehicle

If your move is due to a transfer within your company, and your car is a company vehicle, it can be shipped instead of being driven to your new destination. As with your personal car, you can ship a company car to reap the benefits of auto transport instead of driving it.

These are some of the benefits that hoses offer:

  • You can save time driving the car long distances (such as the popular routes from New York to Florida and California to Texas).
  • You can save gas, food, and lodging costs by driving less
  • You can save wear and tear on your vehicle

Before you hire an auto transport company, here are some tips to help ship a company car.

Permission for your company

Most cases you will need to obtain permission from the company before shipping a car. You must inform your company if you intend to transport the car as part of a moving project. To get the job done, some companies may require that you sign paperwork.

Sometimes, companies may not offer transportation services. They may instead take your car back and give you another one when you reach your destination.

Ask the company to handle transport

Many companies will handle the relocation of employees. They coordinate with the movers and make all arrangements. They may also offer auto transport services. You should at the very least ask about this service, as it will help you take some of your moving burdens off.

Distance requirements met

You may not be allowed to ship a company vehicle if it is less than a certain distance. If the move is less than that, they might require you to drive it. It's worth contacting human resources to discuss this matter. In certain cases, they may allow exceptions for health reasons.

Licensing and Insurance

Before transporting a vehicle, an auto transport company will verify that it is properly insured and licensed.

Shipping a Company Car? Get Reimbursed

Some employers will help you find and hire an auto transport company. In some cases, however, the employee can do it themselves and get reimbursed for the costs.

If you are using your car for business purposes, this may extend to your personal vehicle. If you are a company employee, ask them if they will pay for shipping for vehicles that you do not own but for business purposes.

There are many benefits to shipping a company car, especially when you need to move long distances. You can choose between driving the car or using auto transport. Every company has different policies. To determine if shipping your company car to another country is an option, make sure you check well in advance.