Posted on 04/08/22

Tips for Maintenance Of RV

Tips for Maintenance Of RV

No matter what vehicle you drive, maintenance is essential. However, it's especially important for RV owners who take frequent road trips. You don't want to experience a breakdown halfway to your destination. This could cause you to be stranded during your vacation days and leave your RV service. Even if your RV travel experience is extensive, it's a good idea to review the basics of maintenance so you are ready for the open road.

Tires & Fluids

Before you take a road trip or long drive, make sure your tires and fluids are at their best. This is especially important if your RV has been in storage for a while. Also, make sure the lug nuts are tight.

Test Awnings & Pop-Outs

Before you travel, make sure to test any awnings, pop-outs, or other exterior components. These are essential components of RV life and functionality. You can also inspect the seals on your RV and check for leaks while you are looking at these items.


When you are maintaining your RV, brakes should be a top priority. It's obvious how important brakes are. However, faulty brakes could cause serious problems if you drive a large motorhome or RV at high speeds and can't slow down as fast as you would like. If you store your RV in winter, make sure to inspect the brakes and bearings every year.

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Even if the RV is only temporarily parked, a faulty batter can seriously affect an RV trip. A trip is less enjoyable if you spend too much time away. Before you go on long trips, make sure that your battery is fully charged. Keep in mind that batteries have a shelf life. They will start to lose their charging capacity after a few decades. You will need to replace them periodically.

Oil & Water

You will need to change your oil less often than you would for a daily driver if you don't use your RV nearly every day. If your RV has not been driven or started in a while, this should be the first thing you do. Filters should also be checked on a regular basis.

Waste System

If you are planning to camp out for a long time, the waste system is an essential part of your RV. You can rest assured that your next trip will be enjoyable and that everything works as it should. To prevent clogs or buildup, the system should be flushed regularly.