Posted on 02/28/22

Three Top Road Trip Styles Which One Is Best For You

Three Top Road Trip Styles Which One Is Best For You

November is here. Fall is a great time to be outside, even if we miss the long days at sea. It might be fun to off-road the dunes at the beach or roll down the highway in the summer. Fall is a great time for drivers who want to get out on the open road. There are many ways to get on the open road again and satisfy your driving needs. There is a road trip to suit every taste and style. Here's a list to help you identify your preferred road trip style. You're sure to find one or more that suits your needs.

Take it to Highway: Highways and Byways

Lincoln Highway- If Lincoln Highway is your choice, you can take a historic road trip. You can also visit Lincoln's Log Cabin at Foster Park. You can also see a replica of Lincoln's log house. History buffs will enjoy the two-room replica of Lincoln's log cabin and the living-history farm.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Many consider the Blue Ridge Parkway to be one of America's most beautiful drives, especially in fall. You can see the most beautiful fall foliage along the route, stop at scenic byways, and enjoy a picnic. You can hike to breathtaking waterfalls, or climb to your heart's delight at many places along the route.
This drive is a great choice for anyone who has never taken it before.

The Water's Edge

Lake Michigan Circle Tour is one of the most popular road trips. Follow the state highways to get around Lake Michigan. You can view cliffs and beaches with soft-sand shores depending on the state you are traveling through. Enjoy the stunning view of the lake as you make your way across one of the longest suspension bridges. You can sign up for the Great Lakes Tours if you like this tour.


The fall foliage makes the U.S. Route 9 a beautiful drive. You can take in the beautiful scenery, or stop by a farmer's marketplace to get fresh produce. Enjoy the scenery, visit a small town, and take in the view.
Route 66 - Route 66 has been a part of America's history. This stretch of highway runs from Chicago to Los Angeles and continues to capture America’s imaginations. Reminisce on a time when big roadside signs called out to travelers, and tiny cafes were common along dusty roads.