Posted on 05/11/22

Three Things You Must Stop Doing When Driving

Three Things You Must Stop Doing When Driving

Many people consider motor vehicles a necessity in their lives. People are learning to drive. While most people are safe drivers and are responsible behind the wheel of a car, there are many who are reckless behind the wheel that can put their lives, as well as those of others, at risk. These are the three things you should stop doing when driving.

Aggressive driving

Drivers who drive through red lights, change lanes frequently and appear to be speeding along the interstate should be avoided. These drivers are called aggressive drivers by the ASU Centre for Problem-Oriented Police. They are one of the most dangerous drivers on the roads. Aggressive driving can lead to more car accidents and even death. If you don't drive carefully, even running a red light, it can lead to a serious accident. Avoid aggressive drivers by making sure you arrive on time for appointments, meetings, or work in case there is heavy traffic, or a reroute.

Street Racing

It is not cheap to try and be like Fast and Furious' lead character. Street racing is illegal. Many drivers love to race on the streets at night. They block roads and stage races. GBW Law states that street racing can lead to the loss of control of a vehicle, and can injure or even kill participants as well as innocent people around them. These street races often result in the deaths of spectators, passengers, and pedestrians. Avoid street racing accidents by not driving at night or reporting any signs of street racing to the police.

Use a cell phone

It isn't a surprise that drivers now use their smartphones while driving thanks to technological advances. Distracted driving is a growing problem and is a contributing factor to more motor vehicle accidents. Plymouth Rock Insurance says that distracted driving is when a person uses a mobile phone to check social media, take pictures, film videos, call friends, surf the internet, or check emails. You can prevent distracted driving by placing your cell phone in silent mode the entire time you drive or in the glove box.

If you drive safely and efficiently, driving can be fun. Everyone shares the road. As such, everyone must obey all driving laws. Safe driving habits can save lives and allow everyone to enjoy the roads.

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