Posted on 01/13/22

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Put Items In Your Vehicle While It Is Being Transported

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Put Items In Your Vehicle While It Is Being Transported

The car shipping industry is very strict about not allowing items to be placed in the vehicle during transport. There are several reasons for this. We'll be discussing three main reasons not to put items in your vehicle while it is being transported. But, in certain cases, blankets, pillows, or clothes can be stored in the trunk.

1. In auto transportation, weight is an important factor
Many auto transportation companies base the prices they charge on the weight of their vehicles. Trucks, cars, SUVs, vans, and cargo vans all fit into the respective weight classes. The larger the vehicle is, the more costly it will be to ship.

As with all long-haul trucks, haulers must comply with weight restrictions. There are many weigh stations across the Interstates. They are stopped if they are over the limit.

They will simply take everything out of your bag and dispose it in the dumpster or at the weigh station because they don't care.

2. It is illegal for auto shippers to transport items that aren’t motor vehicles.
Transporting anything is a limitation of what a driver can legally transport. This law is in the form a license. Auto shippers are only allowed to transport motor vehicles. It's not uncommon for auto shippers to tell you that it's illegal to put any item in the cab. However, most often you can put items in the trunk.

But, you need to limit it to pillows, blankets, and clothes. It is not possible to put heavy objects in the trunk. See tip 1 for more details. If the object is not visible or in plain sight, your auto transporter will not bother to look inside the trunk. They are prohibited by law.

They won't be able to do much other than moving your vehicle. This could include moving it on/off the trucks, transporting it (you know what their job is), or loading another vehicle on/off the trucks. But this is very rare as most auto shippers have a great system for loading/unloading vehicles.

3. Transport insurance does not cover any of your goods
This might seem obvious but we'll still include it for those of you who only want to skim the article. If you disregard Tip #1 & Tip #2, then you can put your TV or stereo system right in the back. However, the shipper may transport it anyway. In this case, it is not responsible for any damage, theft, or other problems.

Auto transport companies are not licensed to carry household items. Every vehicle they ship is fully covered against theft and damage during transportation. But, nothing inside the vehicle that isn’t an integral part of it.

These are just three reasons why you shouldn't be transporting household goods in your vehicle during shipping. But there are always exceptions to the rules that you can use to make things a little easier (though we don’t recommend it).

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