Posted on 12/05/22

Three Apps That Make Driving Easier

Three Apps That Make Driving Easier

Driving and smartphones don't mix, let's face the facts. Did you know that there are apps that can make driving safer, easier, and sometimes more fun? These are the top 3 apps that can make driving safer, more informed, and sometimes, even more fun.


Let's face facts. Google Maps is the king of navigation systems. Did you know that there is another Google-owned navigation application that is rapidly becoming a crowd favorite? Waze!

Waze allows drivers to communicate with each other to make their commutes safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable. Drivers constantly update Waze with information about traffic and the source of traffic.

Waze allows you to connect with friends and other drivers. Waze regularly adds celebrity voices for navigation to make it more fun. These include Mr. T Morgan Freeman, and Keith Morrison from Dateline.

Gas Buddy

​​​​​​​You don't need to spend your next road trip in a shabby gas station bathroom. Gas Buddy makes it easy to plan the best pit stops. It has the cleanest bathrooms, allows you to find your favorite road snacks and charging stations, as well as real-time fuel prices.

You can also earn points for updating Gas Buddy about gas prices. This will give you the opportunity to win prizes or even get free gas!


Have you owned a car since 2009? You probably don't know what is happening inside your car if you don't have a digital readout. Dash can replace your car's technology and give you a vital upgrade to ensure that you are connected at all times.

Dash allows you to connect your car's engine to your smartphone. You can view all of your car's diagnostics right from your smartphone. You can view stats such as temperature, mileage, tire pressure, and gas efficiency.

It also serves as an information center that explains what all the lights on your dash actually mean. The app can be downloaded for free but requires an onboard diagnostic device (from $10 to $99).

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