Posted on 07/06/22

This Tool Will Help You Quickly Calculate The Cost To Ship A Car

This Tool Will Help You Quickly Calculate The Cost To Ship A Car

There are many questions you might have about shipping a car internationally or across the country. Although it is easy to get rough estimates, they are not always accurate. Ever wonder why auto transport companies don’t publish price lists? There are many factors that affect the cost of shipping a car.

Move Car, an auto transporter leader, understands that customers are concerned about cost. Therefore, we offer transparent pricing and have always been. We are happy to share the reasons why shipping a vehicle (or truck) costs vary from one shipment to another. We will be discussing the various factors that affect shipping costs for cars and how you can easily obtain no-obligation quotes. Here are the facts: 

Shipping prices are not one-size-fits-all

Shipping a car is expensive. It depends on several factors, including the distance traveled the weight, and the price of gas. Pre-priced auto shipping is almost impossible because of these factors. Although it is true that a sedan will usually cost around $800 to ship from Boston to Daytona Beach to be shipped, that does not mean that it will cost $800 for the sedan to be shipped that far. Shipping a car or truck can be expensive if it doesn't work or is modified with a spoiler or lift kit. Is it summer, or winter? Are you flexible with regards to the shipping date?

Move Car's online vehicle shipping tool generates shipping rates based on all elements submitted by users. This allows us to offer all-inclusive shipping prices with no hidden fees. We will create a unique quote based on your vehicle's details and the destination. Move Car allows you to make a booking without having to pay any down.

This table shows how much it costs to ship a car.

Let's take a deeper look at all the factors that will affect your quote.


This is the most important thing we consider when creating quotes. While shipping a car longer distances will cost more overall, the price per mile will be less. The most costly type of shipping for cars is international. This is because it involves shipping the vehicle on a carrier as well as transporting it on board a ship.

This is the price to ship the Honda Accord (a Honda Accord) to different U.S. cities:

  • Philadelphia: $359
  • Columbus: $639
  • Denver: $1079
  • Portland: $1159
  • Hawaii: $2269

Using our car shipping calculator will give you an accurate estimate of the cost to ship your vehicle across the country.

Vehicle make and model

When you receive a quote from an auto transportation company, you will need to give details about your vehicle, such as its make, year, model, and any modifications (e.g., large tires or roof racks). This is because they need to know how much space your car or truck takes up and whether extra space is required. Car shippers may need to adjust their equipment to accommodate taller or longer cars. Truck haulers will need to use more fuel because they are heavier. Shipping a truck or car can be more expensive if the vehicle is very valuable or antique.

Transport type

You can choose to ship your auto shipment on an enclosed or open carrier. Because it is the most cost-effective, Move Car customers prefer an open carrier for their auto transportation. It's safe and reliable. Customers can opt for enclosed transport to protect their cars from weather and road debris, but they will have to pay more if they need extra protection for classic vehicles, luxury vehicles, or custom cars.

Door-to-door vs. terminal pickups and drop-offs

Although your auto shipping cost may be higher if you choose door-to-door, you will still enjoy the convenience of having your vehicle or truck delivered to the address of your choice. Door-to-door delivery is sometimes not possible due to narrow streets. In these cases, your trucker will meet you at a convenient but nearby location.

Your vehicle's condition

Shipping a truck or car will cost more depending on its condition. Shipping a car that is in good condition will cost less than shipping an inoperable vehicle the same distance. You can ship non-running vehicles as long as they are able to roll, steer and brake. However, they will require a winch or other special equipment to load the vehicle and unload it.


You're lucky if you live in or near a major city and are shipping a car from another city. You'll be able to ship your car faster if there are a lot more trucks in busy areas. Move Car always looks for the best deals in rural and smaller towns. Sometimes, a trucker may agree to meet you near a major highway. This can lead to a lower price.


The cost of shipping a truck or car can be affected by the weather. Winter weather can cause delays or make certain routes impassable, which can drive up the cost of shipping a car or truck. Auto transport also has its seasons. Summer is the busiest season, so rates might be higher. Prices on some routes can be affected by the winter snowbird migration. If you are flexible and desire to get the best price for your vehicle, consider shipping it in spring or autumn.

Your timeline

What time do you need your car to reach its destination? You may be able to be flexible about the pickup time and cost of shipping your vehicle. While expedited shipping will cost you more, your car will usually be ready to go within 24-48 hours of your booking.

It's not easy to generate a car shipping estimate. The truth is that you, the customer, benefit from all of the calculations involved in shipping a car. You can rest assured that your quote will be customized for your vehicle so you don't pay more than necessary to get your truck or car to its destination.

Find the best rates

It is not difficult to see that shipping rates for different auto transport companies can vary. You might not be aware that not all companies are as transparent and open as we are. You shouldn't choose between shippers solely based on their price. The cheapest auto transport company won't provide you with the best customer service and take care of your vehicle during its journey.

It is important to get a quote before you make any decision about an auto transport management company. It is important to research the company to find the most reliable, best-reviewed, safest, and most affordable. Move Car takes pride in offering fair prices, excellent customer service, and top-notch customer reviews. With our shipping calculator, you can find out the exact cost of shipping your vehicle.

Our website allows you to calculate the shipping cost for any vehicle. You can also book your car with us and the shipping process is as simple. This is our easy and quick process:

Step 1: Book your shipment. You don't have to pay anything until you get your pickup.

Step 2: Prepare and hand over your vehicle to your trucker. You then hand over your keys and the vehicle begins its journey.

Step 3: Accept your vehicle.

Your car is the most valuable asset you have, so it's important to do everything you can to find a great shipper. Move Car is a leader in the industry with a network of 15,000 carriers and partnerships with the biggest companies in the nation. We have shipped thousands of vehicles to satisfied customers from all over the country, including from cities to states.

Contact us if you are ready to ship your vehicle.