Posted on 12/01/21

Things To Remember If Your Car Breaks Down

Things To Remember If Your Car Breaks Down

You are driving along the interstate on your way to your vacation destination. In an effort to save money on vacation, you have decided to drive your trusted vehicle rather than renting one due to the high cost of gasoline. Your car suddenly stops moving, almost in the middle of nowhere. This is the most terrible thing that can happen during your vacation.

Many road trippers across the country are faced with this dilemma. There are some things you can do to prepare for it if it does happen. These are some tips and information to help you prepare for the possibility of your car breaking down on the road.

Here are some Pro Tips to Remember Before You Take to the Road

Vincent Gables, a twenty-year veteran mechanic from New Orleans, Louisiana, recommends that you have the contact information for mechanics in any area you will visit or pass through before you set foot on the road. Gables says that Triple-A is something service people should have. However, he also suggests having the number of a mechanic's phone number handy.

  • It is common to see abandoned cars along the sidelines of highways. Did they realize that their vehicle could be towed? The driver of these cars didn't realize they were having problems with their car. They didn't have anyone to call. Gables states that most problems are due to poor maintenance, "People don’t do the preventative work necessary to keep their cars running. This includes things like a tune-up and changing or topping off fluids."
  • This is just the tip of the iceberg. California's emergency road service provider, the Auto Club, agrees with Gables. They also add to that list improper tire maintenance, which includes rotating, aligning, and inflating tires.
  • The National Safety Council offers helpful tips on its website. Slowly release your foot from the gas pedal and slowly make your way to the shoulder. Make your car visible once you are off the road. To alert other drivers, place reflectorized triangles in front of your car. Also, use your emergency flashers. The NSC website explains that if it is dark, you can turn on the interior dome lights.

These are the steps to take if your car breaks down

Although it may seem obvious, many drivers, particularly young drivers, do not know how to attract roadside assistance. NSC states, "Do NOT try to flag down another vehicle." This is great advice for both new and experienced drivers.

Take care of your car before you go on your next trip by car. These safety tips will help you to make it through the busy road to adventure. If you have to transport your vehicle across the country and need to leave it behind, don't hesitate to contact a towing company .