Posted on 02/11/22

These Are The Top Reasons To Ship Your Car

These Are The Top Reasons To Ship Your Car


This is why people most often ship their cars. You can save money by shipping your car rather than driving it long distances. Take the example of shipping your vehicle across the country. Shipping your car across the country is cheaper than driving it.

Many people believe that driving across the country costs only gas and other small expenses. The true cost of driving long distances includes gas, lodging, food, and post-drive maintenance. It also includes the cost of missing work for a few days.

Add all these costs together and you'll see that driving can be more expensive than shipping.


It is easy to see how much time you can save. You will save days of your time if you drive your car hundreds of miles, or even thousands of kilometers instead of shipping it.

Opportunity costs

This has been briefly mentioned. However, if your decision to drive your car around the country instead of shipping it, you will lose the chance to work during those days.

Let's suppose that you earn $100 per day during work. In this example, $500 is lost if you take five days off work. You are losing $1,000 if you drive across the country and earn $200 per day, compared to what you would normally earn.

You are losing five days of your personal time if you work in a job that pays you for time off.

Insurance costs

Your insurance premiums will fall the more you drive your car. If you drive thousands of miles across the United States, you are basically agreeing to have your insurance premiums increase for as long you own that car.


You should also consider convenience. Move Car makes it easy to ship your car. This option allows you to pick up your vehicle at your current address and have it delivered to your destination.

A free, instant quote will be available to you whenever you require it. You can also call your car shipping company any time during the week to ask any questions.


Shipping your car is a better option than driving it yourself. Driving thousands of miles carries a risk. Driving that far by yourself or in shifts with another person increases the chance of an accident.

Older drivers are at greater risk. It is important to remember this, especially for those who have children or spouses and do not wish to put them at risk.


It is a smart decision to ship your car long distance, rather than drive it. It saves money, time, and days at work. And, most importantly, it saves you and your passengers from unnecessary risk.

Move Car is the best choice if you need to ship your vehicle anywhere in the United States. For a free quote, visit our website. Or call us.