Posted on 11/09/22

These Are The Top Complaints About Shipping Cars

These Are The Top Complaints About Shipping Cars

Do you have concerns about how the company will treat your vehicle? This article is for you! This article will address the most common issues that car owners have with shipping their cars. We also discuss what you can do in order to ensure a smooth and easy delivery.

Delivery Not On Time

Additional fees may apply to quotes if you have a strict deadline. You can cut down on the cost of delivery by planning ahead. Move Car is honest with its customers. It takes between one and two weeks for a vehicle to be picked up from its destination. The distance your vehicle has traveled will determine the transit time. It might take 3-7 days to travel from one coast to the Midwest.

My Quote Wasn’t Accurate

Customers often face this problem: They get a quote that suits their budget but don't know the hidden fees that will be added to the price once they sign the contract. They didn't ask the right questions or weren't informed by the broker about any additional costs associated with shipping their vehicle. These issues can be avoided by making sure that you know your pick-up and departure zip codes, as well as the type of vehicle and any applicable fees if you are crossing state lines.

My Vehicle was damaged

Our first priority is to take good care of your vehicle. There is always the chance of your vehicle being damaged by weather conditions. We recommend covered transport (as opposed to open carriers) to reduce this risk. Before you pick up your vehicle, make sure it is thoroughly inspected. Also, ensure that any damage to the vehicle is covered by insurance.

Can You Rely on a Trusted Shipper to Deliver Your Vehicle?

Move Car has no hidden fees and virtually no chance of your car being damaged upon arrival. It's guaranteed by our iron-clad vehicle! Get a free quote by contacting us today